Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First Letter From the MTC 12/21/10

Dear Moarefdoust's,
How's life in Ohio without me? I bet there are a lot more left overs now.  ha ha I got your Christmas card a few days ago, and I'm enjoying the wonderful picture that looks like it was taken by a professional! Life's good here in the MTC. The food isn't bad, and I think I'm eating more then I even have.  So I wouldn't be surprised if I put on a few pounds while I'm here.  ha ha.  Classes are long, just like the days but weeks seem to be going by fast.  Today is my first P-day, so I have a lot of laundry and other things to take care of, but I am loving it here, everyone is so nice.  My companions name is Elder Thomas.  He plays the guitar too, and we are both going to audition with an ensemble we put together yesterday for the Christmas talent show.  It should be really cool. We are on guitars (crappy nylon string guitars) and our District leader Elder Rose is on Violin, and three sisters from my District are singing and there are a couple other Elders singing bass and tenor parts.  We are doing the First Noel mixed with Pacabell's Cannon.  So, I think we have a chance of getting in.  So I'm excited and it feels good to hold a guitar ha ha. There is a ton of snow here and it makes me want to go snow boarding. Is there any there? I like formatting letters like text msg's, it feels like I'm just sending a long text lol but it does feel so weird to not have my phone.  I can't tell you how many times I've checked my watch expecting to see "1 New Msg" across the screen.  Well thanks for the Christmas card and for thinking about me.  Love, Elder Philpott.

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  1. Thank you for doing this guys I really appreciate it. I miss Jared already