Monday, December 26, 2011


Elder Philpot had a wonderful Christmas in Chile.  His favorite part was being able to call home.  He got to talk to each of his family members as well as Aryan.  He was excited to "see" (by Skype) his new niece and nephew.  Jared said that Christmas in Chile is a bit different then Christmas in the US.  Here it's more centered on the family and there it's just another reason to party and drink.  He loves what he's doing though and loves the people of Chile.
Because he spoke to his family, he didn't write much home this week.  I asked him if his baptism came through on Friday the 23rd and this is what he wrote:

Yes the baptism did happen :) BUT it was not easy. we went to Deloisas house thursday at like 430 and talked with her a long time about it cuz she was still undecided but after like 2 hours she decided to do it on the day we planned wich was the 23rd. so i called the zone leaders and they came and did an interview with her, and she passed. so then we had to plan a baptism all in one night and in the morning. so we called and invited a ton of members and called the bishop and found the white clothes for her and a whoile bunch other stuff, but we got it all together and friday we met in the church at 430 and there wasnt anyone there, and by the time the baptism started there were only a handful of members. and the bishop wasnt there yet so we couldnt do it, and we called him and he says he has to work, so we called someone from the bishoprick to do it, and they had to get home first from work and then come, so we sat in the sacrament room for like an hour and a half watching the Joy to the world dvd. but he finally got there and we did the baptism. she was super nervous the whole time, but she did it, and then got confirmed on christmas in sacrament mtg. so now theres one more person brought into the fold of Christ. a ton of work, but worth every bit of it. 
Thanks for all the gifts!  I love and miss you lots
Elder Jared Philpott
He also said that he took lots of picture on Christmas and will send them to us next week.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pictures from Penco


Training is going good. its different having to do almost everything myself, but he´s really good. and learning really fast. so im proud of my son haha 
oh and when i went to concepcion to pick up my son i saw elder scott there! he was the one that twisted his foot playing soccer, he came back to the mission! after being home for a few months. he said it was even harder coming back the 2nd time, i dont doubt it.
the only other note worthy thing from this week, was pretty funny/sad. well the catholics had some sort of huge gathering for the virgin mary, and a lot of the man go on horses wearing the Huaso(cowboy type)suits. and so while we were walking around trhat day we saw some of them coming back from it, and almost all of them were super drunk, and one of them was behind the rest and was sooo drunk that he was like falling off of his horse and swerving everywhere, and was backing up`traffic cuz none of the cars wanted to pass cuz he was everywhere in the road on this poor horse. it was really sad. 
other than that not much happened. i sang in a mission choir at a big long christmas devocional. that was pretty fun. but life is still good. 
Love and miss you all,
Elder Jared Philpott

Thursday, December 15, 2011



We miss and love you but we are so pleased at where you are and what you are doing.  Keep up the good work and we will see you in a year.

Your family and friends


CHile is chile. The work is progressing. slowly. but progressing. we
have one thats for sure getting baptised on the 23. she was a hard one
to get, but shes finally coming around. she chose the 23 cuz thats her
moms birthday, but its also the day that she got baptised in the
seventh day adventist church. so that will be really special :) not
much else happened this week. i watched a movie called 17 Miracles
that a sister in the ward let us borrow. it was really good. have you
ever seen it? its about the Donner party that went to utah. i showed
it to elder Turnner and he cried haha i didnt tho... i wonder if i
have a heart lol
The Talent show went well. we played and danced to feliz navidad, and
everyone loved it lol i got it on my camera , but itll probly be a
while before you can see it :P So they just told us cambios, and im
training :) ill probly be getting a latin comp, cuz we have 8 latins
and only 1 gringo coming this cambio so this should be fun, i love
having latin comps lol theyre just more fun haha and get along with
the people so much easier. So my comp Elder Abrego is getting
transferred to Talca, but not my old sector. i told him its gonna be
super hot there compared to penco.
but yeah thats about all the news from here :)
Sorry i havent sent you pix, the last time i did internet, the stupid
computer didnt have a USB port, and this time my camera is dead... :/
sooooo ill try to send them next week i guess. sorry.. :(
but i miss andlove you all. thanks for keeping me in mind and keeping
me updated on everything :)

Jared(Elder Philpott)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Chiles good. getting pretty hot lately. but still getting some rainny days. living by the ocean does that i guess haha. And its officially almost christmas time, so now everyone is getting out their lights and trees n stuff, which is SOOO wierd to see when its like 80 degrees out. And this saturday the ward is having a talent show night, so me n my comp are gonna sing Feliz Navidad haha i have to look up the music today and somehow get my hands on a guitar haha so we ll see what happens there..and im also singing with a bunch of missionaries for a christmas stake activity. so thet will be fun too haha other than that things are kinda slow. but theres still a bunch of drama in this ward, and it really ticks me off sometimes :P but were workin on that too haha we only have one ptoential person for baptism this week, thats been to church 4 times and has read up to 1 nephi 21 in the BOM, but still says shes not sure if she wants to do it :P so if you could throw a few prayers my way for that it would be nice :) other than that nothing much has happened... lame

Thats about all for today :) sorry it was so short.
Elder Philpott (Jared)