Monday, August 27, 2012


But things here are going pretty good. i arrived here in my new sector tuesday, which was a big pain actually cuz it was raining like crazy! first we had to haul my luggage onto a little bus to go from San Carlos to chillan, then go to the FBI building to get my passport and finnish up a bit of paperwork for my visa, then go to the bus terminal and get on a bus to concepciòn. so i arrived there and met my new comp Elder Vasquez from Guatemala. who has been here for only 2 cambios. this is his 3rd. so we left the tbus terminal and had to walk like 6 blocks in the pouring rain and wind to the bus stop for Tome. but we finally arrived at the sector Frutillares which is only a branch but it has some really good members.
So we got to our appartment building and climbed up to the second floor and got into our little house here. its pretty darn small compared to the last one i was in. and the shower here is TERRIBLE. its an electrically heated shower. first time in the mission that i havent had a gas shower. so we have a list on the bathroom door that says whose turn it is to shower first in the morning cuz the first shower is always the coldest. but even being forth, the water comes out barely even warm. but the good thing is no one takes to extremely long in the shower :D so then i left my luggage there changed into dry clothes and we went out to our lunch appointment, which was at the very bottom of the biggest hill here. the whole sector is really a hill. beautiful views of the ocean and all of the city, but my legs are just now getting used to the constant going up and down. it reminds me a lot of our backpacking trips in west virginia, so now ill be really ready when we go.
this week we had stake conference. and the mission president was there with his wife and an area 70 from argentina. they all gave talks at the conference. and we had invited a few people to come to church with us but didnt really have anyone who could go. the only possible person we had was in concepcion. and i guess in this sector they havent had a person in church for like the past 2 months. so ive got some work ahead of me. but the worst was that the president asked me if afterwards if we had investigators there and i had to tell him no :P but i think we'll be able to have at least one in church this week.
today we went and played soccer at the church. its finally starting to warm up a little bit here. its funny cuz here in chile all of the chapels have soccer/basketball courts behind them and all the kids always want to come play on it, and they usually just climb the huge fence and play anyways.
so yeah thats pretty much life right now.

thanks for the letters. i love and miss you all tons. wish i coulda been there with yall last night sounds like you had a lot of fun. dallin seems to be a bit of a trouble-maker now a days haha anyways ill see ya all in a few months
until then love
Elder Jared Philpott


Saturday, August 25, 2012


There seems to be a lot of great Graffiti artists in Chile

Thanks for the Mac n Cheese Aryan!

Abraham and Isaac???



Things here in chile are going good. first off on the news: I got transferred!! after six months here in San Carlos they sent me to a city called Tome(toe-may) !! im pretty excited actually :) its right above Penco, so ill probly be able to visit some of my converts and friends there :) so that will be fun. but guess what?? my next comp is another latino! haha named elder Vasquez i think. so far in my mission ive only had 2 or 3 gringo companions. Tome is a really cool city too. its right on the ocean and a lot of people go there for vacation cuz it has nice beaches... as in sand and ocean stuff.. haha :D the only drawback is that its like all hills there so itll be more tiring walking around there :P haha
today we went to chillan to pay the fine for my visa being late, and that was a big hassel. first of all the bus we were on crashed!! it rear-ended a truck that was stopped in the middle of the road. and it was a pretty hard hit too. one lady sitting up front hit the windshield hard but luckily it didnt break, and my comp hit the seat infront of him and chipped one of his teeth! i was sitting in the backseat thats right in the isle,so i just kind of stood up and got pushed forward a few seats haha but my backpack went flying up to the front of the bus. but i found it.
seems like no one here knows how the system of paying fines here works. we had to walk back n forth from the bank to the government building telling them what the bank said. it was dumb. but i got it paid off in the end. but i still have to go to the FBI tomorrow morning to hopefully get my passport back :P hhhh its a huge headache.
the only kind of funny thing that happened this week was when me n my comp were walkin in the street talking about what we're gonna study when we get back and at one point i was telling him that he should do kinesiologia, which i dont know how you even say it in english.. but its like being physical therapist for atheletes that get hurt. and so we're walking and hes like "hmm.. um yeah i guess that could be something i could do, but what exactly do they study?"
"like therapy and stuff for atheletes"
"oh that. yeah that would be cool. but i definitly thought you just said i should be a gynecologist! haha"
and right when he said that a group of girls were walking by and started laughing really loud lol so we laugh about that a lot now still.
other than that things have been pretty much the same. rainy n cold still :P but better today.
i miss and love you all. will see you in 4 months.
until then
Elder Jared Philpott


Monday, August 13, 2012


ok well, i wsh i could remember something interesting to talk about, but this week seems like its been pretty average. kinda bad numbers wise cuz none of our investigators came to church :P but we still have a baptism scheduled for one of these upcoming weeks. hopefully this saturday, cuz this is the last week before transfers, and i kind of got the feeling like im going this cambio. i have been here for like 6 months now. crazy to think i might be going to my last sector of my mission...
i cant wait for it to get warm here. it just got cold again last night and theyre saying its gonna rain this week :P
plus on thursday morning the power went out in our house and we couldnt figure out why so we studied in the cold and couldnt turn on our electric heaters. it was dumb. but it was especially bad for E´hepworth cuz the night before me n him went ona mini-cambio and we got home a little late, and he hates being disobedient, so what he does is he punishes himself by taking a cold shower the next day. i personally think thats against some church doctrine, but whatever floats his boat lol so he was pretty much dying of cold that day. later in the day we found a breaker switch that was outside and flipped it on and the power came back.
other than that not much has happened this week.
Elder Jared Philpott


Monday, August 6, 2012


Well chile is pretty much the same as it was a week ago haha just more wet :P we've
had way to much stinkin rain this week :P my feet have been soaked and cold for most of the week... it finally stopped raining the other theres just a ton of fog. so baisically i cant wait for it to warm up here. which should start here in september :) so excited. plus the 18th of sep here is like our 4th of july, and they always have a bunch of cookouts and play games and stuff. last year i was in Talca for "el dieciocho"
not much happened this week. but at least we had a couple of our investigators in church. one named javiera that is close to be baptized but its gonna be close because shes going back to college soon, and when that happens she wont have much time anymore, so we're baisically over there everyday now haha
today we just got back from a zone activity in Chillan at the house of some rich member that has a soccer field in his back yard, so we all went there and cooked chori-panes on the grill. which are just like sausages in a little piece of bread for a bun with ketchup and mayo haha then we all ran it off playing soccer for a few hours. it was pretty fun. my team won of course ;)
umm yeah..i really cant think of anything else that happened this week... que fome.

anyways i miss and love you all tons.
Elder Jared Philpott