Saturday, August 25, 2012


Things here in chile are going good. first off on the news: I got transferred!! after six months here in San Carlos they sent me to a city called Tome(toe-may) !! im pretty excited actually :) its right above Penco, so ill probly be able to visit some of my converts and friends there :) so that will be fun. but guess what?? my next comp is another latino! haha named elder Vasquez i think. so far in my mission ive only had 2 or 3 gringo companions. Tome is a really cool city too. its right on the ocean and a lot of people go there for vacation cuz it has nice beaches... as in sand and ocean stuff.. haha :D the only drawback is that its like all hills there so itll be more tiring walking around there :P haha
today we went to chillan to pay the fine for my visa being late, and that was a big hassel. first of all the bus we were on crashed!! it rear-ended a truck that was stopped in the middle of the road. and it was a pretty hard hit too. one lady sitting up front hit the windshield hard but luckily it didnt break, and my comp hit the seat infront of him and chipped one of his teeth! i was sitting in the backseat thats right in the isle,so i just kind of stood up and got pushed forward a few seats haha but my backpack went flying up to the front of the bus. but i found it.
seems like no one here knows how the system of paying fines here works. we had to walk back n forth from the bank to the government building telling them what the bank said. it was dumb. but i got it paid off in the end. but i still have to go to the FBI tomorrow morning to hopefully get my passport back :P hhhh its a huge headache.
the only kind of funny thing that happened this week was when me n my comp were walkin in the street talking about what we're gonna study when we get back and at one point i was telling him that he should do kinesiologia, which i dont know how you even say it in english.. but its like being physical therapist for atheletes that get hurt. and so we're walking and hes like "hmm.. um yeah i guess that could be something i could do, but what exactly do they study?"
"like therapy and stuff for atheletes"
"oh that. yeah that would be cool. but i definitly thought you just said i should be a gynecologist! haha"
and right when he said that a group of girls were walking by and started laughing really loud lol so we laugh about that a lot now still.
other than that things have been pretty much the same. rainy n cold still :P but better today.
i miss and love you all. will see you in 4 months.
until then
Elder Jared Philpott


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