Monday, November 28, 2011


Well, Chile´s still good. getting hotter now. we just got back from a trip to the beach thats right next to us now :)we played some frisbee, and resisted the urge to jump in the water haha but it was fun. a random dog came up and stole the frisbee, so we all went chasing after it and caught it just before he got to the road lol then we threw rocks at it whenever it tried to come back lol not much happened this week, this are going pretty slow work-wise too :P but slowly getting better. the only interesting thing this week was Ramon. We were doing contacts and found this place with a bunch of little houses in it, so we went in and saw a guy just standing in the back, so we went up to talk to him, and he started talking to us and then went inside and got some chairs and had us teach him out front of his house, and then he goes on to tell us that 21 days ago he was sitting outside and heard a voice that he thought was Jesus that told him that "the angels are on the earth again and that the lord is preparing for the second coming, and that if 2 guys come up to you to talk about the gospel, listen to them, but only if they come up to you."
So we then tried teaching him about the restoration, but5 he wouldnt let us talk and just kept rambling on and on until we finally just had to go, but we cam back later and then he told us about another "revelation" were Jesus told him about 49 companys that were ion the united states that he needed to talk to cuz God was mad at them, so he asked me if i could get the list to the President of the United States...  then we tried teaching him again, but he didnt listen, so we might try going by again, but he´s very... interesting.. haha so we´ll see what happens there. but other than that not much has happened. We´ve found a lot of people that play the guitar lately, and its been fun to jam a little bit with them, and then after they see that we´re real people that do real people things they really start to open up and really listen to the message. So i have no doubt thats one of the reason Iwas givin the talent i have, so im using it to its fullest. Thats about all thats happened out of the ordinary. 
Elder Philpott

Monday, November 21, 2011


Chile is still Chile. Theres still a lot of dirt and little houses and dogs and uncooked food. but its all part of the experience :) I got some good laughs out of some contacts this week tho haha one thing thats funny is when we go up to knock a house and then we see people coming up the street and we can tell that they live there, but they dont come up cuz they dont want to talk to us, so we just stay outside their house saying "HALO" for like 20 minutes until they finally just give it up and come talk to us lol the other funny thing that happened was just doing regular door contacts and having people come out and say they´re busy washing the dishes or some other lame excuss, so we ask if we can help, but they´re just like "oh no, no. some other day please" and then the other day i was with this one elder that just recently got here, and we were contacting a neighborhood that had call boxes on the gate we had to talk thru, and we went up and pressed the button and a guy answered, "hi we´re missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ and we´d like to share a message with you"
"no sorry, im busy making love"
and so of course the poor newbee didnt quite catch what he said and was just like
"oh well can we come in and help?" lol :D
i busted up laughing and he just got really red after i told him what he said hahaha the guy that answered didnt say answer haha
This week we also had mini-missionaries live with us these last 3 days. mine was from Dichato and was a recent convert of only 8 months that wants to go on a mission. he was pretty cool. i felt a little bad that we could get mattresses for them so that had to sleep on blankets on the floor lol but its all part of the experience i guess lol it was wierd too, cuz i remember when i went on my mini mission and thot the missionaries were soo cool and i wanted to be just like them, i hope these guys had the same feelings too. cuz i know they would make great missionarys too. but thats about allthe interesting things that happened this week ha. pretty boring lol but the works going good. we have one investigator thats come to church 3 times straight, but she a member of the seventh day adventist church and she studied with them for 2 years before she finally decided to get baptised and tells us that she doesnt think she can just give that up and join us that fast, but i thnik she can haha we´re going to teach her the word of wisdom and the law of chastity this week, so we´ll see how this goes :] be prayin for us.
Love and miss you all,
Elder Jared Philpott

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Penco, Chile


The week was good, yesterday we went to like the highest hill in the sector and we could see everything. it was prett cool, and we found a new investigator there who says he wants to join a church so he can be an example for his new baby boy that he named Aaron cuz its a biblical name. so we´re gonna see if we can help him with that ;) My week was pretty good. wednesday night presiding Bishop counselor McMullin came and talked in the penco stake about preparing urself and keeping yourself worthy to enter ito the temple, and he tlked a lot about temples and eternal marriage. it was a really great talk. he spoke in english and had a translater that did a really great job. and then the next morning ALL the missionaries in the mission went to concepcion to hear from Elder Quentin L. Cook... the Apostol. it was awsome. he gave us some great advice. And we got to shake his hand :) So that was way cool. and really crazy to think that i shook hands with someone who has probly felt the nail prints in Christs hands... yeah. The rest of the week went good. nothing much happened.. theres a lot of snails here. lol like a TON. and when it rains its like a game to try not to squish too many lol its pretty sick sometimes lol, cuz they get pretty big.. lol
So thats about it for now, ill try get a pic of my comp for yall
i gotta go now, but i miss and love you all
Love Elder Philpott :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


okay well this will probly be shorter than urs, cuz i gotta go like right now to get my hair cut. cuz i guess theres an apostol cpmong to our mission to talk to us this thursday, so we gotta look our best haha
but things are good here. first off. my comps name is Elder Rafael Abrego. his fam is from El Salvador, so he speaks spanish mire than english. butwhere he's really from is Canada. :) and guess what part?? Toronto!! :D i was like hey!! ive been there! lol o guess he live near the toronto temple. so that was pretty cool. he's just barely starting his mission. so im what they call his step daddy lol but the sector is great. its really pretty with all the hills and the ocean right there. ive always wondered what it would be like to live near the ocean, and turns out i like it a lot actually. but the funny thing about this place is that they stuff houses in every single corner possible! so its kind of wierd doing contacts sometimes, cuz you like walk thru peoples gates and go behind their houses to contact the people behind them lol but its a ward here of like 90 people. so we get some good help from the members. Its wierd being senior comp and district leader. cuz before this i was just like following along, but now im incharge of a lot of things. but it makes success feel so much more rewarding too. the only real bad thing about here is that my comp says there pulgas in this house. which are fleas. :P so far so good tho... lol
Love, Elder Philpott

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween in Chile

A Baptism

Zone Conference on the Beach