Tuesday, November 8, 2011


okay well this will probly be shorter than urs, cuz i gotta go like right now to get my hair cut. cuz i guess theres an apostol cpmong to our mission to talk to us this thursday, so we gotta look our best haha
but things are good here. first off. my comps name is Elder Rafael Abrego. his fam is from El Salvador, so he speaks spanish mire than english. butwhere he's really from is Canada. :) and guess what part?? Toronto!! :D i was like hey!! ive been there! lol o guess he live near the toronto temple. so that was pretty cool. he's just barely starting his mission. so im what they call his step daddy lol but the sector is great. its really pretty with all the hills and the ocean right there. ive always wondered what it would be like to live near the ocean, and turns out i like it a lot actually. but the funny thing about this place is that they stuff houses in every single corner possible! so its kind of wierd doing contacts sometimes, cuz you like walk thru peoples gates and go behind their houses to contact the people behind them lol but its a ward here of like 90 people. so we get some good help from the members. Its wierd being senior comp and district leader. cuz before this i was just like following along, but now im incharge of a lot of things. but it makes success feel so much more rewarding too. the only real bad thing about here is that my comp says there pulgas in this house. which are fleas. :P so far so good tho... lol
Love, Elder Philpott

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