Monday, November 21, 2011


Chile is still Chile. Theres still a lot of dirt and little houses and dogs and uncooked food. but its all part of the experience :) I got some good laughs out of some contacts this week tho haha one thing thats funny is when we go up to knock a house and then we see people coming up the street and we can tell that they live there, but they dont come up cuz they dont want to talk to us, so we just stay outside their house saying "HALO" for like 20 minutes until they finally just give it up and come talk to us lol the other funny thing that happened was just doing regular door contacts and having people come out and say they´re busy washing the dishes or some other lame excuss, so we ask if we can help, but they´re just like "oh no, no. some other day please" and then the other day i was with this one elder that just recently got here, and we were contacting a neighborhood that had call boxes on the gate we had to talk thru, and we went up and pressed the button and a guy answered, "hi we´re missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ and we´d like to share a message with you"
"no sorry, im busy making love"
and so of course the poor newbee didnt quite catch what he said and was just like
"oh well can we come in and help?" lol :D
i busted up laughing and he just got really red after i told him what he said hahaha the guy that answered didnt say answer haha
This week we also had mini-missionaries live with us these last 3 days. mine was from Dichato and was a recent convert of only 8 months that wants to go on a mission. he was pretty cool. i felt a little bad that we could get mattresses for them so that had to sleep on blankets on the floor lol but its all part of the experience i guess lol it was wierd too, cuz i remember when i went on my mini mission and thot the missionaries were soo cool and i wanted to be just like them, i hope these guys had the same feelings too. cuz i know they would make great missionarys too. but thats about allthe interesting things that happened this week ha. pretty boring lol but the works going good. we have one investigator thats come to church 3 times straight, but she a member of the seventh day adventist church and she studied with them for 2 years before she finally decided to get baptised and tells us that she doesnt think she can just give that up and join us that fast, but i thnik she can haha we´re going to teach her the word of wisdom and the law of chastity this week, so we´ll see how this goes :] be prayin for us.
Love and miss you all,
Elder Jared Philpott

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