Monday, June 27, 2011

Pictures from Chile

These are pictures from Elder Philpott's 1st Baptism.  The wife is already a member and the husband has been investigating the church for some time now.  Jared was so excited that they will now have the chance to be an eternal family someday.

Elder Q is on his way home now.  But beforehand, he had to pick up a "few" gifts for his family members.  They wanted everything and anything that had the word, "Chile" on it.  I also found it funny that he's taking home the Disney World bag that Aryan sent a few things to Jared in.

What a great picture!!


Things are good in chile. super cold, but good.  elder quiñones is now on his way home to argentina, and my new comp comes tomorrow. i dont remember what his name is, but he´s gringo!!! :) haha for now, im with Elder Luna thats from santiago chile, and has a thick chilean accent thats hard to understand sometimes haha he got here only last cambio haha. but this week waas good. we just went to like every member in the branch´s house so elder Quiñones could say bye. and so they could write in his little book of "recuerdos" like seriously everyone wrote something, including one of our contacts hahah we knocked this door, and then someone opened it, but no one was there, so we looked in and saw someone walking back in the house and we were like "uhh hello?"  and she turned around and jumped and was like "ohhh i thought you were my son!" lol and then she saw me and was like "come on in! Are you from the united states!!??" 
"yeah" i said.
"AHHH!!! i need your autograph!!" lol and then she ran around the corner and grabbed a note boook and was told me to write her something and sign it hahaha leter we learned that its always been her dream to go to the U.S. haha and then she started talkin to elder Q and she ended up writing in his book of recuerdos also haha it was interesting. My comp was going crazy with recuerdos haha his family sent him 79 mil pesos ( about 160 bucks) and in one day... no like 3 hours he managed to spend it all on gifts for his family and anything that said "Chile" on it haha we seriously went to like every single store and asked do you have anything that says Chile on it?? most of the people just looked at us funny and were like "uhhh no. try going to stores near the bus station" haha so we went to like 20 stores, and he spent a ton of money in each store, and then on the way back, he looked in his wallet to see how much he had left, and was like "woah! whered all my money go!!??"
"you spent it all"
"it didnt feel like i spent anything!" he said lugging aroung his new giant bag that was chile colors that was full of everything under the sun that says "chile" on it haha
other than that, not much has happened. the works going on.
I miss you guys tons and cant wait to see you all again :)
but until then Love Elder Philpott :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011


lifes good for me still :) the baptism went well. it was a cool thing to watch. other than that not much new here. a TON of rain. but no thunder or lightning :( i miss that about home. So ive been sick like this whole week with a stupid cold. it sucks. and its really funny to be sicl in chile, cuz everytime someone finds out your sick, the question that always immediatly follows is "so what are you drinking for it??" haha they think that herbal tea can fix anything lol so i just tell em that im drinking a tapsin haha and that usually shuts em up lol so yeah i found out that in the back yard of the house of this one sister in the ward that feeds us on sundays, theres marijuana plants lol they belong to the neighbor, but she doesnt say anything to anyone cuz she doesnt want to start any trouble lol so that was pretty funny conversation. haha but other than that, its just cold here now, and we´ve officially started winter :P but the sleeping bag works great haha My comps finger is fine haha. no stitches.
I miss and love you all 
Love Elder Philpott

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sorry this one is soo short. i dont have much time today :p maybe itll be better when i get a gringo comp that actually wants to email too :p haha
But life is goin good for me. We have a baptism scheduled for this week!!! :) Its the husband of a recent convert. He was what we call "an eternal investigator" cuz he´s been thru tons of sets of missionaries and investigated the church for forever, but i guess we finally got to him and now he´s gonna join his wife and be baptised :) and then probly soon going to the temple with her to be sealed for time and all eternity :)  itss so cool. haha
other than that not much has ahppened. OH haha except for my comp almost cutting off the end of his finger lol so my shoes were getting really worn down and had holes in the bottom, and so to fix it, i found a band from an engine and cut it up and super glued it to the bottom of my shoes haha it works pretty darn ghood haha. and so my comp decided to copy me, but tried to take the soul of an old shoe he had. and he was using a pocket kinfe that didnt have a lock to keep it open, and so when he started to push it closed on the tip of his finger, the blade went right through his nail, but didnt get to the bone. he saw it and just was like "wow" hahaha and so then i told him to go clean it off in the bathroom (he bled all over the place lol) and then i wrapped it up eagle-scout style hahah and then we went to the hospital and got it fixed up haha so yeah that was fun
haha but other than that, things are just same old same old.
But thanks for the email:) cant wait to hear from you next week :) I love and miss you all

Elder Jared Philpott

Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Pictures from Chile

Got Mail?  YEP!!

It's getting cold in Chile


Jared's companion DOES NOT like to be cold!!

Having a little bit of fun with the bubbles Aryan sent them

Ahh, your guess is as good as mine

Teaching the gospel is awesome!!

Look what I found Dad!!  A pup to replace "Scout."


this week has been pretty uneventful.. haha we did have 4 investigators come to church this week, so that was pretty good to see, but we were expecting 2 more that never showed, and this is the second time, so i think we´re gonna have to drop them if they keep this up, but its always so sad dropping investigators, cuz you want the best for them, but they just dont do it, and you try to explain it to them over and over again, but it just doesnt happen, and we dont have time to waste, and we have other people that are actually proggressing, so we have to pick and choose.. Not much funny happened this week either  :p haha the only thing i can think of is the way my comp looked before going to bed last night haha he didnt get any sleep the night before cuz he was cold, so this night he put on this rediculous looking ski suit that we found in the house, and it was a couple sizes too small for him haha and then on top of that, he pt on this ridiculously fat coat that he wears whenever it rains too, i always make fun of him and tell him he looks like the Michelin Man lol and then he put on gloves and a scarf hahaha he looked HUGE. haha and we also put the little electric heater that we have in there, which was a miracle, cuz we usually have it under the table and turn it on while were studying in the morning, and we left it on for soo long that it melted the outlet and was stuck in there, so that night we left it on for awhile, and then when it started to melt again, it came out just fine lol Meanwhile i was sleeping nice and warm haha i dont know what his problem was haha but i did buy a sleeping bag today :) so that should be nice. but yeah, not much new this week, sorry :( ill be sure to find something to tak about ths (<-- hate this cheap chilean keyboard :P) week.
Elder Jared Philpott