Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Chile´s good. its still super hot here, and im getting really jelous
of all the people that have pools in their yards that can swim
whenever they want lol :P the works good. we went over the baptismal
question with Joselyn and shes feeling excited for her baptism :) on
the 12th of february. her brother nacho is on vacation in Viña del Mar
so he couldnt come to church sunday, just his sister and her cousin.
but she loves it and her and her family(mom too) are going to a family
home evening with us tonight at this crazy members house. it should be
pretty interesting lol
We´ve been having a lot of pulgas lately in the house, and they like
to eat me at night :P and ants have invaded the bathroom lol but were
still good haha were never in the house hardly anyways.
My comp is driving me a little crazy, but just cuz whenever we´re in
the house he plays a song on the little cd player we have. but not
just once. he listens to it like 5 billion times in a row. until i
just get up and turn it off lol
But the other 2 missionaries living with us are cool. they play
guitar, so we have jam sessions whenever we have a little spare time
but other than that not much has happened out of the normal. were
finding some good people, but theyre lazy and dont come to church :P
so we´re working on that. but other than that life is good here in the
big bowl of chile.
I love and miss you all!
Love, Elder Philpott

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Pictures

A Baptismal Robe

The Family of Joselyn and Nacho

Some what lost in the woods

A great view of the city

Fabian and Mitzy dancing at their wedding


Ok. so its kind of a long story, but baisically i have to go right now, and couldnt get online earlier
so im just gonna tell yall how my week went right now and see if i can get on later in the week..
I really have to go soon, but heres how my week went anyways...
So we´re still working with that one family i told you about. but only Joselyn and Nacho have come to
church :P but they really like it. and earlier this week, we were over there teaching them, and we noticed
that she had a nose ring, she said she just recently had it put in, but wasnt sure if she liked it. So she asked us what
we thought, or if it would draw attention to her when she went to church. so we told her it was definitly against the guidlines
of the church and that it might make her a little uncomfortable in church. So then she just decided that she needed to
take it out. but the thing is that its curved on the bottom so youd have to cut it to get it out. So i pulled out my leatherman
tool and asked her if she was serious. she said yes, so we tried getting it out, but then shes like wait it really hurts now.
and then she went up stairs to the bathroom and 5 minutes later was like "hey i got it!.... but its bleeding a lot.." lol but
then it stopped, and she was happy that it was out lol and felt a lot more comfortable at church when she went :) haha but
it was a pretty crazy lesson lol but we also had anopther funny lesson. we werre teaching this one guy that a fireman,
and were just barely through the lesson, and all the sudden his radio goes off telling him theres a fire near by, so he´s like
"umm yeah sounds great, i gotta go." and then got up and ran outside just leaving us there alone inb his house lol
so we just closed the door and went to the next appointment lol other than that not much happened. we are having 2 more
 elders move in with us tomorrow. so that will make the house a whole lot smaller :P but it should be fun :)
Ok i gotta go now, but im safe and the work is going good.
i miss and love you all
Elder Philpott

Monday, January 16, 2012


Ummm i really dont have too much to talk about this week. The only
thing that really made this week good was that Joselyn(18) and her
brother Nacho(15) come to church. they both liked it a lot. but
especially nacho. his real names ignacio, but everyone calls him nacho
lol and hes super ready to hear the gospel. his mom is protestant, but
he never goes with her cuz he says it bores him, but he prays every
night, and told us he wanted a religeon thats a little more "real" and
not just singing and clapping ur hands haha and when we heard him pray
once. we were just like "wow this kid is gonna be an apostle some day"
so were gonna be working with them these next few weeks. other than
that, this week was just a bunch of work haha imagine that. My shoes
are getting big holes in the bottom. i cant wear em in the rain now,
so i just use these boots i found in the house here haha. one morning
i was taking a shower and found out that we had an intruder.   i found
a huge snail crawling up the wall lol so i named it gary of course. i
almost got bit by a dog. but luckily it was an old one that couldnt
move very fast so i was able to get my knee out of his mouth before he
clampped down lol Oh yeah and yesterday we almost got lost in the
woods hahaha not really, but we went pretty deep lol it was because we
were in this one part of our sector where theres two huge hills, and
we had to go from the top of one to the other, but the only way to do
that is going down into the valley and back up the other one, so we
decided to save ourselves a little trouble and went higher on the hill
into the woods above all the houses and found a little trail and took
it, and ended up walking in the woods for like a half hour and finding
all these places that came out on the side od the hill and had like
couches and little shack things lol but we eventually found our way
down and ended up in the back yard of the house we were looking for
hahah so it was all good.
I love and miss you all!
Elder Philpott

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Chile is good. not much happened this week actually... it was kind
of a bummer actually :P cuz saturday we visited like 9 different
people that all promised us they were going to go tomorrow to church
but when we passed by there house in the morning they were all
sleeping or leaving or had some other sappy excuse, so we ended up not
having anyone in church :/ we did find an awesome family this week
tho, of a single mom and her 18 and 12 year old daughters and 13 and 8
year old sons. theyare all so fun and love when we come over. the mom
isnt all that interested in listening, but the rest of the kids are
into it and want to go to church. we're going to go to their house
tonight and watch the Restoration video with them. Hopefully they will
feel that its true. but thats about all the interesting stuff thats
going on here in the big bowl of chile.

thanks for the letter, sorry mine is soo short :/ but we gotta leave
soon. and its looking like its gonna rain today too :/
i miss and love you all and will see you in 11 months :)

Monday, January 2, 2012


Chile is... extremely hot. like yesterday on the news it says that there is or was a huge forest fire not too far from where i am. and you could actually see the smoke yesterday from where we were. pretty intense. speaking of fire.. new years in chile was pretty crazy. apparently here in the city of Penco especially, they build these giant things of branches and dummies that look like people and burn them all at midnight. and theres one on like every street corner, so at midnight it looked like the whole city was on fire, and there was a ton of people just out in the street partying.  it was a good way to start the year 2012 lol ill try to send pix. the only other note worthy thing was this one dog lol so we went to this one house and they let us in and were really nice, and weve gone back a number of times, but theyre never there or just ignoring us, but the funny thing is their german shepard they have thats fenced in with this other dog, and everytime he sees us he gets ticked off and starts barking like crazy, but when he realizes that we´re not phased he turns to the other dog and lets out all his anger on it and just starts attacking it, and the other dog starts yelling and barking. it was pretty sad but funny at the same time lol my comp got a video, so ill have to get it somehow haha but other than that, its just super hot here. they said 28 C idk how much it is in farenheight, all i know is i was sweating a ton climbing up the hills here :P
I love and miss you all!
Elder Jared Philpott

Pictures from Christmas and New Years