Thursday, June 28, 2012

Playing in the Snow in the Andes Mt.'s

Andes Mountains

Nice Thumb Elder!

Look at us playing in the snow

The Snow Bear

Some of our group

Our Snowman

Leaving the Mt.


Okay. well this week has been kind of eventful actually. first off. one night elder paz got sick or had food poisoning, and threwe up i the middle of the night. and the realy bad part is that i sleep in the bunk bed under him, and so he kind of turned and spewed all over the wall and it came down and hit the blankets i had beside me, and didnt touch my sleeping bag or anything of mine lol and my comp got really mad at me, cuz the blankets i had there were his! lol but we cleaned it all up and hung the blankets off the balcony outside until we got them washed the next day lol
THEN a couple nights later me n my comp come home at like 9:45 and the other elders are already upstairs planning. and i go upstairs and then hear my comp start yelling "who left the window open??" and i go down to look and we see that no one had left it open, but that it had been takin out and left out back. then knew that someone had broken in the house, so we go looking thru everything to see whats missing, we go into the room where all our suitcases are, but they were all still there except a little one that E lopez owns with some of his cloths in it. we also found that he stole some body sprays from me and E paz, and the portable DVD player the mission gives to all the houses. so we called the carabineros(police) and they came and looked around and asked us a bunch of questions, and brushed for fingerprints and stuff, but didnt find anything. they told us that if we go to this market thats on saturdays in this one part of town, a lot of things show up there after they get stolen. so my comp went with another member in street clothes to look for it cuz i would have stuck out too much. but they didnt find anything there. so now my comp is freaked out and sleeps with his backpack and camera and anything else of value in the same room haha and when he has to go to the bathroom at night he asks someone to go with him even tho its like 10 steps away haha but needless to say, no one goes with him haha but the land lord called someone to put bars on all the windows and doors. which will make it look just like a normal chilean house haha
and today we just recently got back from a zone trip to a place called las termas right there in the Andes maountains. its a little ski resort town. well actually when we all got to the bus terminal this mornong we found out that there werent any buses going today and that we had to go to another terminal to get one, so we all walked for a long time in the cold at like 7 in the morning to the other bus station and got a bus that went there. and we got there an hour and a half later. and there wasnt much snow where we were so we went higher up until we found a place with snow and we just played around and had snowball fights n stuff in the snow. it was pretty funny cuz like 40% of our zone had never played in the snow in their lives haha they really enjoyed it. it turned out to be a pretty fun trip.
Elder Jared Philpott

Foto's (as Jared puts it)


A Little Birthday Fun!!

And we thought we had small kitchens!!

Monday, June 18, 2012


well chile is good. but really ¡¡¡stinkin rainy!!! :P actually last monday we had to fix a roof here, cuz the wind had ripped it up from the last storm. so we went up on a ladder made of rotted wood, onto a roof made of 2x4s and sheets of metal. it felt more dangerous than walking on our ice covered pond in early winter lol but we got it done. we nailed on more sheet metal and a few sheets made of plastic.
then later in the week we had a birthday party for Elder Paz from honduras. he turned 20. and my comp was determined to throw him a big party even if he didnt have any money left for the month, so he made me pay for a bunch of stuff and we threw him a surprise party. with the 4 of us and 2 other members that came over. it was pretty fun but in the end we had a cream and silly string fight and everyone got covered lol
we`re kind of short on food in our house right now. luckily a bunch of members and investigators always invite us to eat or have stuff for us when we come over haha
i think a big reason we`re out of food is cuz in this house, we(or at least the latinos) live the "law of consecration" lol which means baisically everyone eats everything, so in the end no one buys food haha
yesterday we had a family home evening in the country with the family of the little girl we baptized. we ate this kind of chicken salad sandwich and home made french fries. it was pretty fun. we played a card game afterwards. and then they drove us back home. ill try to get some pix to ya today if i can.
other than that everything has been regular. seems like my companion has a new "sickness" every week. even the mission presidents wife says he tends to exaggerate about his health haha
but other than that all is well.
Elder Jared Philpott


Well things have been good here Chile. Still cold. gonna rain tomorrow. My comp has been sick like the whole week and i feel like im starting to get a cold too :P but other than that things have been normal. i found out that my second visa got approved. cuz the visas they give us here only last a year, so i had to get my second one started a few months ago, which was a nightmare with all the papers and junk they make you do to get it. but its finally ready so im gonna go get it tomorrow and be legal here again haha
the other day we had a funny encounter with this one person named freddi. whos this guy that has some mental problems, never showers and has long hair and thinks hes a girl. and every tuesday we always have our zone meetings with the missionaries from chillan, and he has been to every single one of the meetings since ive been here and who knows how many more! so me n my comp were in the plaza in chillan doing stuff for my visa and he saw us and ran over to us and started giving us a lecture about who knows what and all the sudden starts almost yelling at my companion and like poking him n stuff lol but then he called him his "friend" but "amiga" with the feminin ending lol :D so i make fun of my comp for having a new "amiga" haha
not much else has happened. we´ve had some pretty fun family home evenings, making tacos and then playing games. and one of the youth here that goes out with us to appointments all the time named eduardo, gave me a cool pocket knife for a gift cuz i had a crapy one and told him i wanted to get a better one. so he got me a cool one thats not too big and i got him a triple combination in english that he wanted haha hes a pretty good friend of ours.
Elder Jared Philpott

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pretty Cool!


life is good here. just really cold lately. and my comp is getting sick again.  haha but its all good. we actually went to the doctors last night and they gave him a shot chilean style in the butt!  haha not much else has happened this week. The work is going good. we`re teaching these 2 little girls that are the daughters of a less active member who wants to come back to the church. So we have family home evenings with them all the time now. and they`re really funny. and last night we had one and at the end we did this one thing called "black magic" where either me or my comp go out of the room, and the rest of the people in the room choose an object, and then we tell my comp to come back in, and i start pointing at things and asking him if this is the thing we chose and eventually i ask the thing we chose and he gets it right every time. and everyone is all surprised haha the way it works is that its called "black" magic because i`ll be pointing to things and asking if its the thing, and after a few times i`ll point to something black, and then he will know that the next thing i point to is the thing we chose. there are very few people that have figured out the trick haha its always fun to do.
well its officially cold here. but im staying warm. its gonna stink cuz when i get home in december i will just barely be coming out of winter here. and going right back into it there :P blah...
Elder Jared Philpott


A wedding, a baptism, Chilean food, friends and a perhaps a new profession.


Me and Elder Raeley, a good friend

Me and Herman Child, who just left for home.  It's hard to believe she's finished with her mission already.

A new convert works at this Vet office and let us try it out.

Nice Doggy!

Would you like to buy one of our products?


Chile is good. just SUPER rainy lately :P Which makes things real difficult sometimes. this saturday we had a wedding in the church. it was couple that has been living together that the other missionaries here are teaching. so they put a goal for them to get married so she could get baptized. so we were there all day decorating and getting things together for the wedding. but the weather was absolutley terrible! it was pouring down rain and we had winds that were super fast blowing over trees and branches and roof tiles. and the power went out in this whole city so for the first couple hours of the wedding there wasnt any light haha but afterwards the electricity came back. and the rest of the wedding went great.
Today its still raining :P and i found out that my shoes arent very water proof :P haha
The other big news is that they told us cambios today!!! and guess what?? no one is getting transferred......
which means 6 more weeks of learning whatever it is the lord wants me to learn here :]
other than that not much has happened this week... maybe next week will be better.
Elder Philpott