Monday, June 18, 2012


Well things have been good here Chile. Still cold. gonna rain tomorrow. My comp has been sick like the whole week and i feel like im starting to get a cold too :P but other than that things have been normal. i found out that my second visa got approved. cuz the visas they give us here only last a year, so i had to get my second one started a few months ago, which was a nightmare with all the papers and junk they make you do to get it. but its finally ready so im gonna go get it tomorrow and be legal here again haha
the other day we had a funny encounter with this one person named freddi. whos this guy that has some mental problems, never showers and has long hair and thinks hes a girl. and every tuesday we always have our zone meetings with the missionaries from chillan, and he has been to every single one of the meetings since ive been here and who knows how many more! so me n my comp were in the plaza in chillan doing stuff for my visa and he saw us and ran over to us and started giving us a lecture about who knows what and all the sudden starts almost yelling at my companion and like poking him n stuff lol but then he called him his "friend" but "amiga" with the feminin ending lol :D so i make fun of my comp for having a new "amiga" haha
not much else has happened. we´ve had some pretty fun family home evenings, making tacos and then playing games. and one of the youth here that goes out with us to appointments all the time named eduardo, gave me a cool pocket knife for a gift cuz i had a crapy one and told him i wanted to get a better one. so he got me a cool one thats not too big and i got him a triple combination in english that he wanted haha hes a pretty good friend of ours.
Elder Jared Philpott

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