Monday, June 18, 2012


well chile is good. but really ¡¡¡stinkin rainy!!! :P actually last monday we had to fix a roof here, cuz the wind had ripped it up from the last storm. so we went up on a ladder made of rotted wood, onto a roof made of 2x4s and sheets of metal. it felt more dangerous than walking on our ice covered pond in early winter lol but we got it done. we nailed on more sheet metal and a few sheets made of plastic.
then later in the week we had a birthday party for Elder Paz from honduras. he turned 20. and my comp was determined to throw him a big party even if he didnt have any money left for the month, so he made me pay for a bunch of stuff and we threw him a surprise party. with the 4 of us and 2 other members that came over. it was pretty fun but in the end we had a cream and silly string fight and everyone got covered lol
we`re kind of short on food in our house right now. luckily a bunch of members and investigators always invite us to eat or have stuff for us when we come over haha
i think a big reason we`re out of food is cuz in this house, we(or at least the latinos) live the "law of consecration" lol which means baisically everyone eats everything, so in the end no one buys food haha
yesterday we had a family home evening in the country with the family of the little girl we baptized. we ate this kind of chicken salad sandwich and home made french fries. it was pretty fun. we played a card game afterwards. and then they drove us back home. ill try to get some pix to ya today if i can.
other than that everything has been regular. seems like my companion has a new "sickness" every week. even the mission presidents wife says he tends to exaggerate about his health haha
but other than that all is well.
Elder Jared Philpott

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