Thursday, June 28, 2012


Okay. well this week has been kind of eventful actually. first off. one night elder paz got sick or had food poisoning, and threwe up i the middle of the night. and the realy bad part is that i sleep in the bunk bed under him, and so he kind of turned and spewed all over the wall and it came down and hit the blankets i had beside me, and didnt touch my sleeping bag or anything of mine lol and my comp got really mad at me, cuz the blankets i had there were his! lol but we cleaned it all up and hung the blankets off the balcony outside until we got them washed the next day lol
THEN a couple nights later me n my comp come home at like 9:45 and the other elders are already upstairs planning. and i go upstairs and then hear my comp start yelling "who left the window open??" and i go down to look and we see that no one had left it open, but that it had been takin out and left out back. then knew that someone had broken in the house, so we go looking thru everything to see whats missing, we go into the room where all our suitcases are, but they were all still there except a little one that E lopez owns with some of his cloths in it. we also found that he stole some body sprays from me and E paz, and the portable DVD player the mission gives to all the houses. so we called the carabineros(police) and they came and looked around and asked us a bunch of questions, and brushed for fingerprints and stuff, but didnt find anything. they told us that if we go to this market thats on saturdays in this one part of town, a lot of things show up there after they get stolen. so my comp went with another member in street clothes to look for it cuz i would have stuck out too much. but they didnt find anything there. so now my comp is freaked out and sleeps with his backpack and camera and anything else of value in the same room haha and when he has to go to the bathroom at night he asks someone to go with him even tho its like 10 steps away haha but needless to say, no one goes with him haha but the land lord called someone to put bars on all the windows and doors. which will make it look just like a normal chilean house haha
and today we just recently got back from a zone trip to a place called las termas right there in the Andes maountains. its a little ski resort town. well actually when we all got to the bus terminal this mornong we found out that there werent any buses going today and that we had to go to another terminal to get one, so we all walked for a long time in the cold at like 7 in the morning to the other bus station and got a bus that went there. and we got there an hour and a half later. and there wasnt much snow where we were so we went higher up until we found a place with snow and we just played around and had snowball fights n stuff in the snow. it was pretty funny cuz like 40% of our zone had never played in the snow in their lives haha they really enjoyed it. it turned out to be a pretty fun trip.
Elder Jared Philpott

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