Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Chile is good. just SUPER rainy lately :P Which makes things real difficult sometimes. this saturday we had a wedding in the church. it was couple that has been living together that the other missionaries here are teaching. so they put a goal for them to get married so she could get baptized. so we were there all day decorating and getting things together for the wedding. but the weather was absolutley terrible! it was pouring down rain and we had winds that were super fast blowing over trees and branches and roof tiles. and the power went out in this whole city so for the first couple hours of the wedding there wasnt any light haha but afterwards the electricity came back. and the rest of the wedding went great.
Today its still raining :P and i found out that my shoes arent very water proof :P haha
The other big news is that they told us cambios today!!! and guess what?? no one is getting transferred......
which means 6 more weeks of learning whatever it is the lord wants me to learn here :]
other than that not much has happened this week... maybe next week will be better.
Elder Philpott

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