Monday, August 29, 2011


ok so i dont have much time.. actually, we´re leaving right now :P sorry thyis is soo short... But yeah the elder did have to go home, cuz i guess he fractured his Fibia too :( so that was sad..
Thats crazy that you guys felt a temblora! i mean tremor haha 5.8 is nuthin lol but now you know what a night feels like here lol glad it wasnt too devastating tho, cuz we only heard about it from members and didnt really have many details :P
but things in Chile are still good. not much happened this week.. it rained a ton. and they changed the hour here ahead 1 hour, so im ahead of you guys an hour now. and when you guys go back i´ll be up 2 haha so idk why its like that, but it is haha :P this sectors good though the appartments im in are right down the road from the mall, so i can always see all the movies im missiing on the big billboard haha :P Theres a lot of street performers here too trying to make their way thru college. they usually juggle in the street at the red lights and go collect tips before it turns green, some of tghem are actually really good. theres one that does it with flaming sticks haha but if you dont have that talent, you just go to any big grocery store and bag peoples food for tips, cuz the stores here dont have paid baggers. Every once in awhile you see random horses walking around town, and it seems like the people dont even notice that they´re there lol just like all the nasty dogs that poop everywhere here :P as for work, its going alright. not amazing. the only real investigator with potencial is the 23 year old named Anita that works delivering babies. she´s been bringing the Book of Mormon to the hospital to read it in her down time. so im thinkin thats gonna be opur baptism for september. other than that we´ve just been doing a bunch of door contacts, and having fun listening to all the people making up excuses as to why we cant come in. most of them are pretty funny. like yesterday we called on an intercom, and the lady answered and was like "Hola, who am i talking with?"
 "The LDS missionaries"
 "Ohhhh... umm this is a recording.. theres no one here right now." *CLICK* lol we got a good laugh out of that one. other people think were from the CIA and that our badges have cameras in them ahah and then you always get the kid sent out to lie for their parents that says stuff like "oh my moms not here right now"
"oh ok so can you ask her when we can come by then?"
"yeah sure" and then they walk back in ask when we can come back lol its pretty sad..
But thats how it goes here haha but we did find a less active that day that said she wanted to come back to church but didnt know where it was, and that she had been waiting for us to find her, so that was a cool one :) and the rest of her family arent members, so looks like some baptisms too ;) haha So yeah thats whats up this week.. not too much craziness.
Anyways, thanks for the email :) i miss and love you guys soo much and cant wait to see you all :) but until then
Love and remember,
Elder Philpott

Monday, August 22, 2011


Chile is good :) its a lot better place when the sun comes out haha. but its actually kinda ugly here when i think about it haha i cant wait till i get transferred to a beach sector haha the people also make it a little ugly lol not that they´re ugly, its just the stuff they do.. like it seems like the latest accessory in teen fasion here is having a baby :P cuz its seems like EVERY girl that is from the ages of 13 and up has a kid if they´re not members(and even some members too:P) and theres TONS of drunk people here. actually funny story, the other night, me n my comp were waiting on a bus, and we saw this drunk guy in the middle of the street with cars going past him, and then he walks up to us and starts saying what little english he knows and asked us for money, but the this police officer came over and stepped between us, and then a patrol car pulled up next to us and the officer handcuffed him and put him in the back lol right in front of us haha so that was pretty funny lol Other than that, not too much has happened, OH except for this morning. so we all got together this morning to play soccer at the church, and it was going well for a little bit, but then Elder Scott got the ball and started going for the goal, but then he tried turning and fell on top of the ball and his leg was under him. and then when he layed on his back and put his leg up, we could see that he had dislocated it badly. like his foot was turned sideways.(picture to come) so we called the ambulance and they took him away. we havent heard how hes doin yet, but no one felt like playing anymore after that, so we went to McDonalds (yes there is one in this sector:) Im not so sure i trust the hospital here tho, cuz right across from the hospital building on the other side of the street there´s like 5 different funeral homes hahah The work is going good. we had a baptism yesterday. it went great. She was a golden investigator. she always was just hungry to hear everything and understood it all, and is just the sweetest person. the only really bumer is that her husband is a jerk about it all. he actually slammed the door in ou8r face one time when he answered the door. so we always have to go earlier in the evening when he´s not there. but now we are also teacher her daughter that works delivering babies and preparing them for their baptism in the catholic church haha so this will be cool if we can get her baptised :) but yeah other than that, we´ve got a few other reakl good investigators that really have desires to change their lives. so thats always a nice relief from all the hard people :P haha but the hunt goes on. And im doin good. being fed good. this sector is huge tho. so a ton of walking. but its all good.
Love, Elder Philpott

Pictures from Cambio


 So. things in Chile... well first off the new cambio. im not so sure how good this cambio will be haha my comp is great, he´s been out a year, so just a few months more than me, and im not sure if he really knows how to work. it feels like we just waste time sometimes,  and he teaches lessons a little differently than im used to, but it works i guess, but we get into a lot of discussions about that haha and this new sector is HUGE. even bigger than teno. so we´re walking a ton. but the ward here (yes it is a ward :) is like 120 people, so thats a good change :) OH, and the other night, we were walking down this dirt road at night, and we heard a big "thump" next to us and didnt think much of it, but then we heard it again closer and were like "what the heck??" and we look over and theres some guy on the other side of the street throwing ROCKS at us! luckily, we think he was drunk, cuz he was a bad aim. so we just kept walking away. and he eventually stopped :P Other than that, the work is going pretty good. we´re working with alot of less active/part member families. and theres a lot of those here. Here in Chile, everyone needs 2 sets of missionaries. The first set to come and baptise them, and the second set to reactivate them :P haha it seriously happens to like every family here, but after they get reactivated, they´re really strong members. All the Schools here on in "Paro" or on strike. i guess the government here wanted to make all the schools private schools and charge more money from everyone, but the people didnt stand for it and now none of the kids are in school, and all the college students are rioting in Concepcion and Santiago pretty frecuently :P but yeah thats about all thats interesting thats happened here. the house here is pretty nice. its like a small appartment in the states, and it actually has carpet! haha and we´re on the top floor of our building, so we have to climb up a ton of stairs like three times everyday :P and i really hope no earthquakes happen during this cambio, cuz being on the top floor would suck in that case :P haha But other than that its a nice place :)
Until next week....
Love, Elder Philpott

Monday, August 8, 2011


Hey Everyone,
Things are good for me here, i found out today that im finally getting transferred!! Im going to a place called Piduco, its in the city Talca which is just a little south of Curicó which is the zone im in now, so its not too far, but it´ll still be hard saying bye to some of the people here :( and i´ll have to give the guitar back to carmen moarales haha :P but i think its about time that i get to know more of chile. My new comps name is Elder Call. he´s pretty cool. he was up here in curico for a cambio, so i already know him a little bit. and he´s from south carolina!! which isnt utah. hahaha so this should be fun. not much has happened this week, just a lot of rain :P oh and last night was pretty funny. while we were planning for the next day, we started hearing noises in the house, so we got up and looked around and figured out that it was coming from the attic, so we started banging on the roof, and we heard something crawling around up there, so we´re like oh crap, sounds like we got a huge rat up there! so my comp put a scarf around his face and a hat on and i gave him a flashlight and a spear that i made from our broom handle and he poked his head up there and looked around and saw that it was actually a really big black cat haha then we we tried to go up after it, it got away somehow, and we never figured out how it got in or out. so that was pretty funny. Then theres this other thing thats fun to do. so i bought a little candy thing, and the container it comes in has a little squirt gun on it, so i took that off and filled it up, out it in my pocket, and now when ever theres some annoying dog barking at us through a fence they get a nice face full of water haha :D they get pretty ticked. but other than that, its just been a lot of work haha im getting pretty good at telling who´s from what religion without even talking to them, theres usually only 3 main groups here, you can tell the Jehovas Wittnesses, cuz they wear jeans and a dress shirt and have a bible under their arms, and you can tell the evangelicos, cuz they´re always shouting and playing music in the streets, and you can always tell the catholics cuz theyre either smoking or drinking, or their daughters pregnant :D haha so thats always a fun guessing game lol but yeah life is good. Thanks for the letter :) i miss and love you all
 Love Elder Philpott

Monday, August 1, 2011


 This letters gonna have to be short n sweet, cuz i dont have much time :p we had to go to a members house(the family of the little girl i baptised) early and get everything ready for a family home evening we´re gonna have there tonight. and then we had to go to curico and buy 2 new matresses cuz ours are terrible :p haha so that took a long time cuz we went to the bishops house over there and he helped us get them back to our house in Teno. they made us food and showed us videos of their daughter playing the guitar and singing and stuff haha she´s actually not bad ;D but yeah life is still good here. We had another baptism :) it was this great guy named sebastian(theres a ton of those here :P) he´s 25 and super funny. the baptism went great. we had a nice turn out of people and we bought some food for a refreshment. it was great.
     We had another mission conference thursday. it went great. OH and Elder Thomas is in my zone now!!!! :) :) lol so we have fun all the time together now haha and i saw him at the conference. and i also saw Hermana Plowman. but thats it. Hna. Young and Hna. Child are both in the other half of the mission, so they dont go to the same conference as us. so the gang wasnt ALL there, but it was still fun. this week was really rainy :P and cold... and the day it was pouring the hardest we just happened to be out in a part of the campo looking for a reference my comp got on the bus on a mini cambio, it was some 17 yr old girl named marcela lol she lived in house number 1 on calle Cristóbal, so we looked for it, and it turns out that cristobal isnt just a calle, but a whole big area that has like 4 houses that say number 1 lol cuz we went and asked this first house and he was like "yeah this is house number one, but the numbering system is different here. We just choose what number we want" :O lol so that wasnt good news. but we continued looking in the rain, but didnt find a thing. But we did meet some cool people out there that want to here more of our message, so it wasnt a total loss haha but yeah not too eventful this week. maybe next week will be better.
Love and miss you all!
Elder Philpott