Monday, August 8, 2011


Hey Everyone,
Things are good for me here, i found out today that im finally getting transferred!! Im going to a place called Piduco, its in the city Talca which is just a little south of Curicó which is the zone im in now, so its not too far, but it´ll still be hard saying bye to some of the people here :( and i´ll have to give the guitar back to carmen moarales haha :P but i think its about time that i get to know more of chile. My new comps name is Elder Call. he´s pretty cool. he was up here in curico for a cambio, so i already know him a little bit. and he´s from south carolina!! which isnt utah. hahaha so this should be fun. not much has happened this week, just a lot of rain :P oh and last night was pretty funny. while we were planning for the next day, we started hearing noises in the house, so we got up and looked around and figured out that it was coming from the attic, so we started banging on the roof, and we heard something crawling around up there, so we´re like oh crap, sounds like we got a huge rat up there! so my comp put a scarf around his face and a hat on and i gave him a flashlight and a spear that i made from our broom handle and he poked his head up there and looked around and saw that it was actually a really big black cat haha then we we tried to go up after it, it got away somehow, and we never figured out how it got in or out. so that was pretty funny. Then theres this other thing thats fun to do. so i bought a little candy thing, and the container it comes in has a little squirt gun on it, so i took that off and filled it up, out it in my pocket, and now when ever theres some annoying dog barking at us through a fence they get a nice face full of water haha :D they get pretty ticked. but other than that, its just been a lot of work haha im getting pretty good at telling who´s from what religion without even talking to them, theres usually only 3 main groups here, you can tell the Jehovas Wittnesses, cuz they wear jeans and a dress shirt and have a bible under their arms, and you can tell the evangelicos, cuz they´re always shouting and playing music in the streets, and you can always tell the catholics cuz theyre either smoking or drinking, or their daughters pregnant :D haha so thats always a fun guessing game lol but yeah life is good. Thanks for the letter :) i miss and love you all
 Love Elder Philpott

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