Monday, August 22, 2011


 So. things in Chile... well first off the new cambio. im not so sure how good this cambio will be haha my comp is great, he´s been out a year, so just a few months more than me, and im not sure if he really knows how to work. it feels like we just waste time sometimes,  and he teaches lessons a little differently than im used to, but it works i guess, but we get into a lot of discussions about that haha and this new sector is HUGE. even bigger than teno. so we´re walking a ton. but the ward here (yes it is a ward :) is like 120 people, so thats a good change :) OH, and the other night, we were walking down this dirt road at night, and we heard a big "thump" next to us and didnt think much of it, but then we heard it again closer and were like "what the heck??" and we look over and theres some guy on the other side of the street throwing ROCKS at us! luckily, we think he was drunk, cuz he was a bad aim. so we just kept walking away. and he eventually stopped :P Other than that, the work is going pretty good. we´re working with alot of less active/part member families. and theres a lot of those here. Here in Chile, everyone needs 2 sets of missionaries. The first set to come and baptise them, and the second set to reactivate them :P haha it seriously happens to like every family here, but after they get reactivated, they´re really strong members. All the Schools here on in "Paro" or on strike. i guess the government here wanted to make all the schools private schools and charge more money from everyone, but the people didnt stand for it and now none of the kids are in school, and all the college students are rioting in Concepcion and Santiago pretty frecuently :P but yeah thats about all thats interesting thats happened here. the house here is pretty nice. its like a small appartment in the states, and it actually has carpet! haha and we´re on the top floor of our building, so we have to climb up a ton of stairs like three times everyday :P and i really hope no earthquakes happen during this cambio, cuz being on the top floor would suck in that case :P haha But other than that its a nice place :)
Until next week....
Love, Elder Philpott

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