Monday, August 22, 2011


Chile is good :) its a lot better place when the sun comes out haha. but its actually kinda ugly here when i think about it haha i cant wait till i get transferred to a beach sector haha the people also make it a little ugly lol not that they´re ugly, its just the stuff they do.. like it seems like the latest accessory in teen fasion here is having a baby :P cuz its seems like EVERY girl that is from the ages of 13 and up has a kid if they´re not members(and even some members too:P) and theres TONS of drunk people here. actually funny story, the other night, me n my comp were waiting on a bus, and we saw this drunk guy in the middle of the street with cars going past him, and then he walks up to us and starts saying what little english he knows and asked us for money, but the this police officer came over and stepped between us, and then a patrol car pulled up next to us and the officer handcuffed him and put him in the back lol right in front of us haha so that was pretty funny lol Other than that, not too much has happened, OH except for this morning. so we all got together this morning to play soccer at the church, and it was going well for a little bit, but then Elder Scott got the ball and started going for the goal, but then he tried turning and fell on top of the ball and his leg was under him. and then when he layed on his back and put his leg up, we could see that he had dislocated it badly. like his foot was turned sideways.(picture to come) so we called the ambulance and they took him away. we havent heard how hes doin yet, but no one felt like playing anymore after that, so we went to McDonalds (yes there is one in this sector:) Im not so sure i trust the hospital here tho, cuz right across from the hospital building on the other side of the street there´s like 5 different funeral homes hahah The work is going good. we had a baptism yesterday. it went great. She was a golden investigator. she always was just hungry to hear everything and understood it all, and is just the sweetest person. the only really bumer is that her husband is a jerk about it all. he actually slammed the door in ou8r face one time when he answered the door. so we always have to go earlier in the evening when he´s not there. but now we are also teacher her daughter that works delivering babies and preparing them for their baptism in the catholic church haha so this will be cool if we can get her baptised :) but yeah other than that, we´ve got a few other reakl good investigators that really have desires to change their lives. so thats always a nice relief from all the hard people :P haha but the hunt goes on. And im doin good. being fed good. this sector is huge tho. so a ton of walking. but its all good.
Love, Elder Philpott

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