Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pictures I stole from Facebook

Somebody from Jared's mission posted these pictures to his Facebook. I stole them, so I could have them for his blog.


Well chiles good. lets see, what all happened this week.... well to start off, the earthquake that everyone was predicting for yesterday never happened haha there were a few dissapointed people lol even if there were n earthquake or a tremor i wouldnt notice it cuz i sleep on the top bunk here and E`Paz who sleeps below me mmoves a lot in his sleep, so it baisically feels like theres an earthquake every night here lol its getting really cold here now too. winter is officially here and im going to buy a thiker coat this week i think.
things have been good with my comp lately. but i cant say im sad that cambios are next week haha :D and it seems pretty likely that he will be leaving haha
the only fun thing that happened this week was we went to the house of the family of the girl we baptised last sunday. they live like 30 mins away from the city, so they drove us there for a family home evening. we cooked some empanadas and pizza, and we brought some brownie mix and made brownies with them. but they got a little burnt on the edges cuz the pan was too big, and we cooked them in a brick oven, or dirt oven or whatever its called. but the ones in the center were good haha then we sharred a message about the gift of the holy ghost (that she recieved the next day) and then we played some card games. and we invited the friend they had over to church and she said she was interested in hearing more. then it started raining a bunch an they drove us back to san carlos. it was a good time.
The only funny thing this week was when me n my comp were walking down the street and he told me that he had a bad dream that he got bit by 3 dogs lol and while we were walking, one of the many stray dogs that walk around the city started following him, and it was a big dog too. so he started freaking out and yelling at it and swinging his bag at it, but it just kept following him wagging its tail until it found another dog to play with haha it was pretty hilarious, but he didnt think it was that funny lol
Oh and yesterday at church i had a surprise visit from some people from Penco :) it was really nice. one of them was this girl me n elder martinez were teaching for awhile and now i just learned she got baptized only a little after i left and has been strong in the church since and that a couple other of the people we were teaching got baptised too. it was a cool feeling :) and they were really nice and brought me n my comp some gifts haha it was mostly food. cuz they know that we dont usually have much food in our house lol
other than that, things have been prety normal around here. just a lot colder. haha
Elder Jared Philpott

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


The only real important things that happened this week were the baptism we had yesterday, which went really well. and makes 2 for the month already :) and a couple more on the way. The other thing was that i was sick yesterday :P i woke up in the middle of the night and was throwing up, and couldnt eat anything all day yesterday, so the members here took me to the hospital and they gave me this IV thing with medications in it, which helped a lot but i still had some stomach pains. but today im feeling much better. so i think it was just something i ate. but i lost my voice and can barely talk today :P This week our ward had a lot of activities too. we had a movies night and then a big family home evening and then a sports day. they all went pretty well. the kids watch the lion king in 3D here cuz one of the members in our ward had a 3D tv and a bunch of the 3D glasses. so they all really liked that :) but the family home evening had a problem that in the end when it came time to play games no one told us that we were in charge, so we just played a couple silly games like simon says lol and in the end we couldnt think of anymore games, so everyone just went straight for the refreshments haha
other than that, thing are just stayin the same. its pretty cold here now, but i sleep warm at night in my sleeping bag and a fleece blanket haha
Elder Philpott

Monday, May 7, 2012


well Chile is good :) this tuesday we had a mission conference and Elder Kevin R duncan of the 70 came and taught us sone really great stuff. He said that the Lord doesnt see us how we are, but how we can become, and A lot about the Book of Mormon and how important it is the conversion of people. He said that they did a study and found out that like 1 of every 6 recent converts goes inactive within a few years, but of all the ones that were still active, 85% of them had a strong testimony of the B.O.M.  So we`ve been doing a lot of reading together with our investigators, and its working pretty well. Speaking of wich, we had a baptism this weekend :) a guy named Julian who is the son of a protestant pastor, so all the people of that church wanted him to be their next pastor, cuz they have a family run church leadership there, but he never got baptised there and we started sharing with his family that were all less active members, and now hes a member and almost his whole family is activated again. so that was a cool expereince :)
the only kind of funny thing that happened this week was this hole-in-the-wall shoe store where we went shoe shopping where they have these really nice name brand shoes for less than half price, but they only have the right shoe on display and only in that size, and we had shopped there before for my comp. he bought some shoes, and they didnt have almost any problems, so we go there and we both find some shoes we like and start talking with her and shes like "oo yeah these are nice shoes. ill sell them to you for 30 mil, 28 at the lowest" but i know she likes to barter, so we started talking and i looked thru my wallet and was like "oh, well i only have 22 mil with me, ill take em right now if you sell it to me at that price" and she didnt even think twice and was like "sold!" lol so i got some new shoes that cost 46 mil regularly for less than half price haha she says she has some deal with the manufacturers to get them for cheap. but theyre good shoes, and i havent found any problems with them yet. and while we were there waiting for her to come out cuz she was in the back looking for the left shoe we saw that this guy that she had working for her was ripping her off by telling people a price of like 30 mil and then telling the lady that they bought the shoes for 25 mil, and he kept the other 5 lol it was a pretty sketchy place, but nice shoes! lol
Love, Jared

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Chile is good. this week was kind of long though. We had 2 baptisms scheduled, but they didnt happen :P one of them didnt pass the baptismal interview, the other one just decided she was scared and that it was too much commitment because she has been catholic all her life and has gone to many different churches but didnt want to be part of any of them because she thinks they´re all the same.. so we´re still working with both of them. And my comp has been in a bad mood because of it and was blaming our district leader that did the interviews that the baptisms didnt happen. so he´s mad at everyone but me, which is ok for a change lol he´ll be over it here in a couple days.
this week we also had a ward family home evening and played some games, like musical chairs and other fun games haha it went well, and we had a couple invesigators that went too. we have this one that is 11 years old and her mom is a less active member and the rest of her family arent members, and they come to all the activities, and she has a baptismal date planned for the 13 of may :)

funny stories this week... mmm none that i can remember. sorry, maybe next week..