Thursday, May 3, 2012


Chile is good. this week was kind of long though. We had 2 baptisms scheduled, but they didnt happen :P one of them didnt pass the baptismal interview, the other one just decided she was scared and that it was too much commitment because she has been catholic all her life and has gone to many different churches but didnt want to be part of any of them because she thinks they´re all the same.. so we´re still working with both of them. And my comp has been in a bad mood because of it and was blaming our district leader that did the interviews that the baptisms didnt happen. so he´s mad at everyone but me, which is ok for a change lol he´ll be over it here in a couple days.
this week we also had a ward family home evening and played some games, like musical chairs and other fun games haha it went well, and we had a couple invesigators that went too. we have this one that is 11 years old and her mom is a less active member and the rest of her family arent members, and they come to all the activities, and she has a baptismal date planned for the 13 of may :)

funny stories this week... mmm none that i can remember. sorry, maybe next week..

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