Wednesday, May 16, 2012


The only real important things that happened this week were the baptism we had yesterday, which went really well. and makes 2 for the month already :) and a couple more on the way. The other thing was that i was sick yesterday :P i woke up in the middle of the night and was throwing up, and couldnt eat anything all day yesterday, so the members here took me to the hospital and they gave me this IV thing with medications in it, which helped a lot but i still had some stomach pains. but today im feeling much better. so i think it was just something i ate. but i lost my voice and can barely talk today :P This week our ward had a lot of activities too. we had a movies night and then a big family home evening and then a sports day. they all went pretty well. the kids watch the lion king in 3D here cuz one of the members in our ward had a 3D tv and a bunch of the 3D glasses. so they all really liked that :) but the family home evening had a problem that in the end when it came time to play games no one told us that we were in charge, so we just played a couple silly games like simon says lol and in the end we couldnt think of anymore games, so everyone just went straight for the refreshments haha
other than that, thing are just stayin the same. its pretty cold here now, but i sleep warm at night in my sleeping bag and a fleece blanket haha
Elder Philpott

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