Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Welcome Home Elder Philpott

Shayla holds up the sign we made for him

Here he comes

A hug from Mom and Dad

A hug from Aryan

The Philpott Family

The Moarefdoust Family

Aryan and Jared

What a great looking Elder!

Would you like to see Elder Philpott when he came home? You can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6l_fAJdElok
His first meal back home - He wanted Pizza and Root Beer.  YUMMY!!


Monday, December 17, 2012

Good Bye Chile Concepcion Mission

President Humphrey says "Good Bye" to all the departing missionaries in December.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

One Last Baptism

What a great Elder - to sneek in one last baptism the day before he goes home!
The baptisme of Beatriz Fierro Munoz.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Friends

A little good bye hug from Elder Ford

Eduardo and Roberto are sad to see Elder Philpott leaving

The Cuevas Family

The Oportu Family

Monday, December 10, 2012

12.10.12 Last letter from the Mission Field

This week went well. last week i went and said goodbye to people i knew in valle hermoso. it was hard to say goodbye to a lot of them.
this week we actually got a couple people in church this sunday. which made it a good week. and made it possible for one of our investigators to get baptised this sunday!! so that would be a great going away gift for me :)
Elder Ford is pretty sad that i am leaving. hes like "What am i gonna do when your gone????" but he`ll be fine haha.
it is unbelievable that this is the last letter i will be writing to you. yesterday i had to give a talk in church. i decided to talk about sacrifice. and talked about Jesus Christ and his sacrifice and how i was so thankful to have been able to participate a tiny bit in his mission to save all of mankind and feel a bit of the pain he felt. the things i have learned on my mission are invaluable. it has been extremely difficult sometimes. enough to make me want to just give up and go home. but at other times i have had the most spiritual experiences. i have come so much closer to God. i understand more about who he is, how he works, what he wants me to do, and most importantly how much he really loves me and has everything planned out for me to succeed if i will only do my part and stay faithful.
I really cant believe its over. all the preparation i have had since primary, come and gone. but it was deffinitly worth every second of it. I think my favorite thing about the mission was seeing the difference i was really able to help make in some peoples lives. the other favorite thing i have from the mission was learning. i have learned SOO much in my studies. deep doctrine about who God is, how things are in the church, how they were and what will happen in the future. and after all of that study and putting it in practice i can say with out any doubt in my mind that i know that this is the true church of God here on the earth in these latter days. I know that he exists. and is just waiting for us on the other side of the veil. i only hope that i will feel worthy to be in his presence and that he will be pleased with me and who i have become after this life here on earth.
So I guess I will see all of you in a week.
Until then,
Love, Elder Jared Philpott


Monday, December 3, 2012


Sorry i dont have much time right now, so i will have to write all of you together. But just so you know, i am doing just fine, just a little sick right now but it should go away soon.
but thank you all for writing me. i dont have much time right now, cuz im in valle hermoso saying goodbye to a bunch of people here. its soo crazy that this is my second to last P-day! these 2 years have gone by way too fast. its been sad talking to members and converts here that im close too. but its also something really beautiful that could have only happened from going on the mission. its been soo fun, and yet sooo soo hard. all of the things that have happened have served for my learning. i am eternally grateful for the experience and the privilage.
this week was kind of hard. we had an investigator come to church but he felt uncompfortable and left before the meeting started. so we were pretty down because of that. but we are still seeing progress from people. im going to be working till the day i leave. there is still a possibility that we could baptize someone before i leave, so we`re trying.
funny things that happened, i cant remember too many. but one thing im not going to miss that much is this crappy house we live in here haha the light switch in the bathroom went bad, so we have to lean a broo, up against it to turn it off. the bunk bed broke before i got here so i sleep on a matress on the floor, but its still compfortable haha Elder Fords shoe broke. the shoes he has had for almost a year and a half. so he was bummed, but hes going to get it fixed still. my shoes have big holes in the bottom too which makes my sock get all dirty if i dont put a pad in it from another shoe. i thijnk ill keep them as a memory haha
i have soo many memories here that i never want to forget.
but i am axious to see all of you in about 14 days.
i miss and love you all
until then love
Elder Jared Philpott


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving in Chile

Where is the turkey and the pumpkin pie?


Elder Philpott is coming home!

FAX : 801-240-5115
_____________________ _____ ______________ ______________ _______ ______
ETKT:LA/045 7101837536
ETKT:AA/001 7101837537



This week was pretty lame actually. mostly because none of our investigators came to church :P that always makes us feel like we failed, but theres always next week. So we`ll just try even harder.
this week we had a plesant surprise for thanksgiving. one of the sisters in the ward told us to come over to her house on thursday. so we went not knowing what she wanted, and when we came in we saw that she had a table with food set up for us and her family. it was a really nice thing for them to do for us. they also gave us little leather bags to keep change in that everyone uses here.
Then later in the week i was looking for my suitcase to get something out of it, so i went under the staircase to get it and i saw a box there with a colapsable christmas tree in it, so i pulled it out and we set it up in the downstairs part of the apartment. the only thing is that the only ornament it has is just a silver paper star on the top haha so it looks kind of sad lol but its better than nothing haha. ill try to get a picture of it to you next week.
Hrad to believe i only have 3 weeks left. the ward here is already planning my farewell. and today i just recieved a copy of my travel plans. ill send those to you too.

anyways thanks for the letters
i miss and love you all and will see you in just 21 days!!
Elder Jared Philpott


Friday, November 23, 2012


THings have been alright here. This week was kind of slow actually. but in the end, we had one person in church, so it all turned out fine. it was the little sister if our convert eduardo. so she should be next in the water.
the only interesting/funny things that happened this week had to do with animals haha The first one was more goats lol but this time we were walking around in their territory. we needed to get down this hill fast to our next appointment, and we found this little path that goes thru the woods, so we decided to take it, and we found like 4 goats half way down, they came up and sniffed us and nibbled our pants n shoe laces, then we started going back down the hill and one of the smaller goats started like ramming my companion to push him down the hill! lol so he was getting ticked at the goat cuz he was already havin trouble getting down, so iwent up and pushed the goat back haha and then i had a headbutting competion with it. it won of course haha but it was pretty funny.
THe other thing that happened was with the weiner dog this one member has. We went over to his house to pick up our laundry late at night before going back to our house, and his little dog was outside, so we started petting it a tiny bit, and when we left it started following us. and we didnt think anything of it and just kept walking, then once we went past the church and it was still following us, we started stomping on the ground and telling it go home but it would just stand there and start foloowing us again when we walked, so we just thot "ah it probly knows its way around here" so we let it follow us till we got to our road, then we tried to make it go away again but it still followd us, so we just went back to our house cuz we were tired, and it followed us right into the house, so we just took it upstairs and started planning for the next day and decided we would just take it back early the next morning cuz we were exausted. and when the other missionaries got to the house we just had it in our room and waited till they sat down in theirs and then let it go in their room, and they freaked out and were like "why the heck is there a dog in here!?"
so we explained, then decided to just take the dog back right then. so we walked it all the way back to their house, dropped it behind the fence and started walking home, but then it came out again and started following us again, so we just knocked on his door and told him to restrain his dog lol they thot it was funny and said sorry and decided to give us lunch the next day haha so it turned out well.

anyways thanks for the letters. i miss and love you all,
ill see you in less than a month!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So this week ended up being good. saturday we had 3 baptisms :) that family i told you to pry for last week got baptized. which makes 4 for this sector so far. so we`re actually doing pretty good now. but when we first were here we put a goal to get 5 baptizms before i go home, so we just need one more to get it. so that will be my goal for these next 5 weeks.
I`ve officially started the last cambio of my mission now. its a pretty wierd feeling.
well nothing really interesting happened this week. it rained actually for like 3 days which made a lot of things miserable. and like halfway thru the week we were trying to find baptismal clothes for the baptism. so we talked to this one member who told us that he was the ward mission leader before, and that he had some white baptism pants. so we went and got them from him. and it turned out to be 3 big bags of white pants. and we pulled them all out and it was like 60 pants. we have no idea where he got them from, but now we dont know what to do with them all.
its finally starting to get really hot. BUT it stilll rained this week :P but i think that was the end of the rain for this year here.
thats pretty much all that happened here.

thanks for the letters
i miss and love you all
see you in 5 weeks
-Elder Jared Philpott

OK, so I asked Jared since he was coming home soon, what would he miss most about being in the mission feild.....and this was his reply:

ok well im not sure what ill miss most about my mission till im actually home. but im gonna guess that it will be knowing tons of people and just having everyone love me. especially in chile haha cuz having blonde hair here makes you instantly like a rockstar in the streets. but back home ill just be a normal guy.



Baptism 11.10.12

Some members played a joke on me.  They gave my companion a ton of food and they only gave me a little bit.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Things have been going good here. its finally gotten hot here. im starting to get sunburnt now on my face now, but my arms are just tan. i have a terrible tan line on my neck haha
numbers-wise this week was kind of difficult. all except for the great family we`re teaching, who have a baptismal date set up for this saturday. so i will need prayers from everyone to make sure it goes through without complications.
cuz sara`s husband gets drunk a lot and is causing a lot of problems in the house there and made them not want to go to church yesterday, but me n my comp went over to their house and talked to her about it. she was crying a lot, so we sharred some scriptures and tried to help her see how her problem could be fixed, and we told her pray about it. so she prayed with us and felt a little better then came to church with us with her kids, and they all felt tons better afterwards.
This week there were a couple of holidays where people go to the grave yards to leave flowers on all their relatives graves, but apart from that a lot of them have partys. including our neighbors that live in the apartments in front of ours! until 5 AM!! at one point in the night we were all awake and started yelling at them to shut up and trying to call the carabineros(cops) but thank goodness it wasnt an emergency cuz they didnt even answer us for like an hour and then they started asking us a ton of questions and where we were and the elder that was talking to them couldnt remember the name of the city so he hung up to ask us, and we got mad at him and decided to just give up on that idea. so we went and found all the stuff we could find to throw at their door. i found a pine cone and threw it and it hit the wall beside the door and scared this drunk guy haha! but he had no idea where it came from so he just went inside. we also used a blow gun that i made out of a little tube, some pins, a bit of paper and tape. it worked really well actually and i almost killed a bird with it one day lol
The good news is that our convert Eduardo recieved the aaronic priesthood yesterday! he was really excited too and understood all of it. it was a really neat feeling being a part of that.

thanks for the letters
ill be seeing you in 42 days. crazy huh???
until then
Elder Jared Philpott


Monday, October 29, 2012



Things this week were pretty darn good. we were able to do a lot better at teaching people and finding people. and to top it all off we had a baptism!!! the 16 year old named eduardo that weve been teaching for a little while finally got baptized :) he was nervous. but God did his part to help him. the night before his baptism he couldnt sleep and was having nightmares n stuff, so he decided to open the Book of Mormon and read from it. so he opened to a random page and he read a verse where the Lord is talking to poeple that were captured and enslaved, and he says something like "be comforted because tomorrow i the Lord will free you from captivity" and he read that and said he just fell right asleep. so that was cool to see. but he did scare us, cuz like a half hour before his baptism at 5, we went to his house to go get him, but his mom came out and said "he`s not here. he went down to his aunts house near the plaza" and he doesnt have a cell phone so we couldnt call him so we started thinking maybe he got too nervous and decided not to do it. mostly cuz that same thing had happened to elder Ford before in a nother sector, so he was like "oh no!! not again!!" lol so we went back to the church and waited for him to show up. meanwhile all the members started arriving and were asking where he was. but he finally arrived at 5:17 much to our reliefe. and the baptism went smoothly after that. and I did the confermation sunday. he said he felt great. we did too. elder ford hadnt had a baptism for like 6 months too, so he was really happy.
this week the grandpa of the familia Oportu died. he was a recent convert to the church of about 2 years and had just recently recieved the melquizedec priesthood. and always had us or someone come over on sundays to give him the sacrament. he had been sick for awhile. but all the family was pretty shook up by it. and he had said he wanted the viewing to be held in our church. which was pretty problematic for the rest of his family that are almost all protestants, but most of them came, with the exception of 2. and at the viewing our branch president spoke, then our mission president, then the stake president. it was a very spiritual meeting and i think all the people there were impressed and unerstood alot more about the plan of salvation afterwards haha
other than that, everything is going good. its starting to get hot here now and im getting a bit sunburnt :p but im enjoying all the sun i can get haha today were going to Valle hermoso again to visit some members and converts of mine. it should be fun.
Love and miss you all,
Until December,
Elder Jared Philpott

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eduardo's Baptism


Monday, October 22, 2012


Things are going good here. We had a few people in church this week. 2 of them were people we just met this week. which is actually a pretty neat story. So it was like 9:45 at night and we have to be in the house at 10, and our appointments had fallen through, so we decided to do some contacts, but its kind of hard that late at night, and after a while of no one letting us in, we decided to just go back to the house, but after we said that we both got the strong impression that we should contact one more door. and there were a couple infront of us and i was like lets contact this one on the left but then i just felt strongly and clearly that i should contact the one beside it. so i was like "um nevermind, how bout this one instead." so we go and knock on the door and a woman in her 30s answered the door and we introduced ourselves and she just let us right in so we talked a little bit about the restoration, and told her to read the pamphlet and pray about it then said a prayer with her and got out. then we came back a couple days later at night again, and we got to know her some more and found out that she was having a hard time choosing whether or not to get a divorce from her alchoholic husband and started crying telling us about what was going on in her life, and that a couple of nights ago she had a bad day and had just got done praying to God for some help and guidance when she heard a knock on the door and found us 2 missionaries there. So that was a really cool feeling knowing that we were the answer to someones prayers and that we were actually where God wanted us to be at that exact moment.
so that was pretty much the highlight of my week. the only other thing that happened was when we were going to go on a mini cambio to a place called Coleumu and ended up getting on a bus that goes to a place called Coliumo so when it started going the wrong way we wondered what was up, but neither of us had been there before so we just sat on the bus the whole time then called them later cuz we didnt recognize anything. they told us we were on the wrong bus so we just rode it back to Tome... it was really dumb.
but life is going good here. i cant believe theres only 8 weeks left here in Chile.

thanks for the letters :) i miss and love you all
until december
Elder Jared Philpott


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This week was alright. nothing too special. the only interesting things that happened have to do with animals haha. first my comp anion almost got rammed by a giant goat. lol our investigator that is close to being baptised has 3 goats that run around his property. and we saw the first 2 go running by really fast so my comp followed a little bit to see them and didnt see the 3rd one that was coming from behind running fast, he barely saw it in time to jump out of the way lol i was laughing pretty hard actually.
the other one was when we were hungry so we both bought these little pizzas and were eating while we were walking. then i noticed that a gate thats not usually open was open, and the dog that was usually inside barking at us, was outside and saw our pizzas and started following us and like jumping up and trying to bite our pizzas, so i just started walking a little faster and put the pizza up to my mouth to eat it and the dog just jumped at my face to bite it but i just barely dogged it, and luckily didnt get my face eaten lol
other than that i really cant think of anything interesting that happened.... its still cold. i wish it would warm up already. last night we played cards and ended up playing indian poker and betting little chilean candies for money. then we went to bed and i accidentally unplugged the bad warmer the peruvian missionary uses, and he was all mad at me this morning cuz he said he "died of the cold" lol so i plugged it back in and let him sleep in a bit.

but anyways. thats boutr allthats going on here.. thanks for the letters!
cant wait to see you all in a couple of months! :)
till then
Elder Jared Philpott


Sunday, October 14, 2012


This week was good. a lot of work, but good. first off. i have a new companion! Elder Ford from Utah. hes a really funny guy. we have a lot of things in common and have almost the exact same sense of humor. so theres never a dull moment. and hes a really hard worker, so we get a lot done too.
this week we went to teach one of our investigators that we met by doing service. we were clearing out weeds behind an old ladys house, which is like right behind where he lives. so we were talking to him one day and he really wasnt showing any interest and just wanted to talk about stuff. then he tells us, "um yeah you guys should just leave the plants back there how they are.." and were like "i dont know. i think the lady wants us to finnish it all"
"no. you really should just leave it..."
"whys that?"
then he points at this one plant in a pot he had growing in his kitchen and was like
"well lets just say if the cops find me with this plant ill go to jail, and i have a few more of them growing back there..."
so needless to say, we're not visiting him much now.. haha
General Conference went good our investigator Eduardo went to both sunday sessions by himself. he really liked it and loves learning about church doctrine. so we should be seeing his baptism here soon.
after the frist session sunday a family invited us over for pizza. well, chilean pizza.. haha but it was good and brought some back for some of the other gringos in the gringo room watching it in english. the lame part was that the satelite kept going out all the time so we couldnt see or hear anything for like 3 minutes at a time.
but i still learned a ton from all the talks. the talk that Elder Holland gave is almost exactly the same talk he gave when he came to the MTC to talk to us. i think its good that he gave that message to the whole world. it was just as powerfull if not more, two years ago. especially being in the mission.
Thanks for the letters everyone.
Elder Jared Philpott


Monday, October 1, 2012


Things are good here in chile. just heard this morning the cambios. turns out, my companion got transferred to curico, and im staying here. and Elder Ford is coming to replace him. MY FIRST GRINGO COMPANION THIS YEAR haha it will be wierd to to talk in english with him. but itll be good to get used to talking in english again before im on the airplane back to the united states.
other than that nothing new has been happening here. the good news is tht this week was much better numbers wise. and we now have someone that is progressing and could be baptised this month. so i excited for that. itll be the first baptism here in quite a few months. the ward here is nice though. actually its a branch. but its big enough to be a ward already. the members here are cool though.
today i went to my old sector in valle hermoso to visit some converts and members there. they gave us a nice lunch and we sat around laughing and talking about stuff and people. it was really nice seeing them all again. they all say i look skinnier than when i left here, but i dont see it.
sorry the letter is soo short. but my companion has to pack and say goodbye to people. so we gotta go now :P
but thanks for the letters. i enjoyed reading all of them. and will see you all in a couple months anyways :)
until then
Elder Jared Philpott


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


chile is still chile. this week was pretty interesting the first couple of days cuz they had their huge festival for the 18th of september. and theres tons of drunk people walking in the streets those days, so the mission president told us to spend them just visiting members. so we went to some members houses and in one of them we had a nice cookout with tons of meat and potatoes. it was really good. but hten the next day we ate the exact same thing at another members house. then later that day we went to the church for the dieziocho activity and there they had pretty much the same thing too. so i was pretty much sick of meat after that. meat and empanadas! they eat a ton of empanadas at this time too. and also this drink called mote con huesillo they gave us every single day this week at lunch. but it was a fun holiday. they dance their national dance called the cueca and then play games like the sac race and the 3 legged race and all sorts of other races, and a kid showed me how to use these big wooden tops they play with and we put up kites with them. it was fun.
then the on thursday and friday we did a mini cambio with the zone leaders who were concerned for how low our numbers were, so i went to work with elder arana for a couple days. but when i woke up there my stomach really hurt and i felt like throwing up. but we still went out to work. yesterday it was still hurting a bit but it finally went away in the evening.
this sunday was good tho cuz we actually had someone come to church.
other than that everything is pretty much the same.
this is the last week of the cambio. next week i start my second to last cambio. which means only like 12 weeks left of the mission. its a wierd feeling. like now im soo used to being here and talking spanish and having people stare at me cuz i have blonde hair and having girls yell out "hello i love you" and everyone else just saying "hello" and wearing a tie every day. there will be a lot of strange feelings when i arrive at home. i talked to the new missionary couple that came here to replace the other missionary couple here. they got here last week, so they dont speak hardly any spanish. so i talked to them in english, and it felt really awkward, and i couldnt remember a lot of words in english. so it will be really wierd to talk to everyone when i get back too...

thanks for the letter.
i miss you and love you
ElderJared Philpott


Pictures of Dieziocho


Saturday, September 22, 2012


thanks for the letters everyone. sorry i dont have much time to write ya all, so i have to do it all in one. but it sounds like you guys are doing well and dont worry, we'll be able to talk all we want in a couple of months haha.

things have been going alright here. the theme of this week was service. we had a ton of service projects in the week. and i got a bit sunburnt. but it went well. but i couldnt help feeling like we were wasting time doing all this service work when we could be out finding people. but then one day we had service behind this old ladys house, and there was a house there that was recently built with a young family living there, and they saw us doing service and came out and gave us some juice to drink and accepted a visit from us another day. And they`re cool people too. the mom is pregnant, and also has a two year old, so her younger sister comes over to help her with stuff. we havent met the husband yet, but they told us that they just recently stopped going to their protestant church because of something they didnt like, and were looking for a new church. needless to say, the lord had been planning this for awhile.
other than that it6 was a pretty normal week. kind of lame because no one came to church. they all had the excuse of the Dieziocho celebration. which is like chiles 4th of july, but they celebrate it a lot bigger than we do. and always have family come over and stay with them for the 3 day holiday. so that made it pretty hard for us to get anyone to church. and the mission president change our Pday to tuesday just because we arent going to be able to work on that day because of all the fiestas. and our branch is going to have a big activity tomorrow, so were just going to go to that. they also tell us to be careful at night cuz pretty much everyone is drunk by that time. so it will be fun experience.

again thanks for the letters. it took me awhile to read em all, but it made me feel at home for a little bit :)
i sure miss and love you all. ill see you in december.
until then love
Elder Jared Philpott



This week was a bit better than last week. it was still hard to teach lessons and find people but we ended up having one person in church. and that was pure blessing from God, cuz we hadnt even planned on seeing him in church. we had to other families ready to come but at the last minute something came up for both of them and niether of them went. so we were feeling really down and just sitting there in sacrament thinkin "crap the zone leaders are gonna talk our ears off about not having investigators in church again..." and wondering how God could let this happen after working so hard to get people to church. and right then, in walks emilio an old investigator thats 17 years old who just "felt like coming" it was a humbling experience.
but this week i was also very sick wednesday. it started out as just a cold on tuesday. but then on wednesday i had a nasty cough and body aches and could not breath. like serioiusly gasping for air sometimes. so we went to chile's free urgent healthcare next door, got in, stood in a line for half an hour to sign in, then sat down with about 30 other people waiting, and the doctors would come out every 15 minutes and call in like 4 people at a time. long story short we got there at 5 and left when it was almost 9. they told me i had bronchitus and gave me some pills and an inhaler. its been working pretty good. its almosy gone but i still have a nasty cough.
other than that we`ve been goofing around in the appartment. this one family gave us a scary mask. not sure why, but i took advantage of the situation and put it over a jar and set it in the microwave to scare the next person that opened it. the next person to open it was E`Ojeda, in the morning, making his breakfast, he had some eggs ready to fry all mixed up, and when he opened the microwave he yelled and spilled the eggs all over the kitchen! :D we were all in the next room, and i started dying laughing. he didnt say much and i just helped him clean up the eggs lol
and elder Alburqueque bought a dart board, so we`ve been having competions with that. but when that got boring we decided to strap an orange to it and just throw darts at the orange lol

but yeah thats baisically all thats new around here.
i cant wait to see you all again in december.
until then
Elder Jared Philpott


Pictures from Tome


Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Well things here have been alright. this week was pretty hard actually. we didnt get many lessons taught. it seems like this sector is a lot harder than my last one. they say theres no such thing as a hard sector, and i believed it up until now. we cant seem to get into any houses. or get anyone to church. when i got here there were absolutely NO investigators and we had to start from zero. and when no one comes to church the zone leaders and my district leader all start breathing down my neck and ask me why or what we could improve on and its really just a matter of time. so its kind of dumb but i think this week we finally found some good people that might be able to come to church.
   other than that this week has been pretty average. on monday night walking home i noticed something strange in the sky and looked up and saw this giant perfect circle of clouds around the moon. there were clouds all around but not one in the circle. it was really wierd, but i was asking people, and i guess it happens somewhat often here. and its kind of a prediction of tremors. and it was right cuz that night there was a 5.4 tremor. or thats what they told me the next day. i slept right through it haha actually its been awhile since ive woken up from a tremor haha i just feel so dead tired here at night i guess.
last night me n Elder Alburqueque (Peru) played ping pong on the floor with a yoyo string for a net, and it went well for a little bit, but in the end it just turned into a game of seeing who could hit eachother harder with the ping pong ball haha
oh and good news, theres a member here who has an electric guitar and wants me to teach her, so whenever we have lunch with their family i take advantage of the time and play a little bit haha. first time ive seen an electric guitar here in chile haha 
so thats about all thats been going on here. yesterday it was a nice sunny day for church, but at like 5 in the evening this wind came all the sudden and made it cold and rained. it seriously blew in so fast. it was wierd.
I'll see you in December!
Elder Jared Philpott

Monday, August 27, 2012


But things here are going pretty good. i arrived here in my new sector tuesday, which was a big pain actually cuz it was raining like crazy! first we had to haul my luggage onto a little bus to go from San Carlos to chillan, then go to the FBI building to get my passport and finnish up a bit of paperwork for my visa, then go to the bus terminal and get on a bus to concepciòn. so i arrived there and met my new comp Elder Vasquez from Guatemala. who has been here for only 2 cambios. this is his 3rd. so we left the tbus terminal and had to walk like 6 blocks in the pouring rain and wind to the bus stop for Tome. but we finally arrived at the sector Frutillares which is only a branch but it has some really good members.
So we got to our appartment building and climbed up to the second floor and got into our little house here. its pretty darn small compared to the last one i was in. and the shower here is TERRIBLE. its an electrically heated shower. first time in the mission that i havent had a gas shower. so we have a list on the bathroom door that says whose turn it is to shower first in the morning cuz the first shower is always the coldest. but even being forth, the water comes out barely even warm. but the good thing is no one takes to extremely long in the shower :D so then i left my luggage there changed into dry clothes and we went out to our lunch appointment, which was at the very bottom of the biggest hill here. the whole sector is really a hill. beautiful views of the ocean and all of the city, but my legs are just now getting used to the constant going up and down. it reminds me a lot of our backpacking trips in west virginia, so now ill be really ready when we go.
this week we had stake conference. and the mission president was there with his wife and an area 70 from argentina. they all gave talks at the conference. and we had invited a few people to come to church with us but didnt really have anyone who could go. the only possible person we had was in concepcion. and i guess in this sector they havent had a person in church for like the past 2 months. so ive got some work ahead of me. but the worst was that the president asked me if afterwards if we had investigators there and i had to tell him no :P but i think we'll be able to have at least one in church this week.
today we went and played soccer at the church. its finally starting to warm up a little bit here. its funny cuz here in chile all of the chapels have soccer/basketball courts behind them and all the kids always want to come play on it, and they usually just climb the huge fence and play anyways.
so yeah thats pretty much life right now.

thanks for the letters. i love and miss you all tons. wish i coulda been there with yall last night sounds like you had a lot of fun. dallin seems to be a bit of a trouble-maker now a days haha anyways ill see ya all in a few months
until then love
Elder Jared Philpott


Saturday, August 25, 2012


There seems to be a lot of great Graffiti artists in Chile

Thanks for the Mac n Cheese Aryan!

Abraham and Isaac???