Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Things have been going good here. its finally gotten hot here. im starting to get sunburnt now on my face now, but my arms are just tan. i have a terrible tan line on my neck haha
numbers-wise this week was kind of difficult. all except for the great family we`re teaching, who have a baptismal date set up for this saturday. so i will need prayers from everyone to make sure it goes through without complications.
cuz sara`s husband gets drunk a lot and is causing a lot of problems in the house there and made them not want to go to church yesterday, but me n my comp went over to their house and talked to her about it. she was crying a lot, so we sharred some scriptures and tried to help her see how her problem could be fixed, and we told her pray about it. so she prayed with us and felt a little better then came to church with us with her kids, and they all felt tons better afterwards.
This week there were a couple of holidays where people go to the grave yards to leave flowers on all their relatives graves, but apart from that a lot of them have partys. including our neighbors that live in the apartments in front of ours! until 5 AM!! at one point in the night we were all awake and started yelling at them to shut up and trying to call the carabineros(cops) but thank goodness it wasnt an emergency cuz they didnt even answer us for like an hour and then they started asking us a ton of questions and where we were and the elder that was talking to them couldnt remember the name of the city so he hung up to ask us, and we got mad at him and decided to just give up on that idea. so we went and found all the stuff we could find to throw at their door. i found a pine cone and threw it and it hit the wall beside the door and scared this drunk guy haha! but he had no idea where it came from so he just went inside. we also used a blow gun that i made out of a little tube, some pins, a bit of paper and tape. it worked really well actually and i almost killed a bird with it one day lol
The good news is that our convert Eduardo recieved the aaronic priesthood yesterday! he was really excited too and understood all of it. it was a really neat feeling being a part of that.

thanks for the letters
ill be seeing you in 42 days. crazy huh???
until then
Elder Jared Philpott


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