Friday, November 23, 2012


THings have been alright here. This week was kind of slow actually. but in the end, we had one person in church, so it all turned out fine. it was the little sister if our convert eduardo. so she should be next in the water.
the only interesting/funny things that happened this week had to do with animals haha The first one was more goats lol but this time we were walking around in their territory. we needed to get down this hill fast to our next appointment, and we found this little path that goes thru the woods, so we decided to take it, and we found like 4 goats half way down, they came up and sniffed us and nibbled our pants n shoe laces, then we started going back down the hill and one of the smaller goats started like ramming my companion to push him down the hill! lol so he was getting ticked at the goat cuz he was already havin trouble getting down, so iwent up and pushed the goat back haha and then i had a headbutting competion with it. it won of course haha but it was pretty funny.
THe other thing that happened was with the weiner dog this one member has. We went over to his house to pick up our laundry late at night before going back to our house, and his little dog was outside, so we started petting it a tiny bit, and when we left it started following us. and we didnt think anything of it and just kept walking, then once we went past the church and it was still following us, we started stomping on the ground and telling it go home but it would just stand there and start foloowing us again when we walked, so we just thot "ah it probly knows its way around here" so we let it follow us till we got to our road, then we tried to make it go away again but it still followd us, so we just went back to our house cuz we were tired, and it followed us right into the house, so we just took it upstairs and started planning for the next day and decided we would just take it back early the next morning cuz we were exausted. and when the other missionaries got to the house we just had it in our room and waited till they sat down in theirs and then let it go in their room, and they freaked out and were like "why the heck is there a dog in here!?"
so we explained, then decided to just take the dog back right then. so we walked it all the way back to their house, dropped it behind the fence and started walking home, but then it came out again and started following us again, so we just knocked on his door and told him to restrain his dog lol they thot it was funny and said sorry and decided to give us lunch the next day haha so it turned out well.

anyways thanks for the letters. i miss and love you all,
ill see you in less than a month!


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