Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So this week ended up being good. saturday we had 3 baptisms :) that family i told you to pry for last week got baptized. which makes 4 for this sector so far. so we`re actually doing pretty good now. but when we first were here we put a goal to get 5 baptizms before i go home, so we just need one more to get it. so that will be my goal for these next 5 weeks.
I`ve officially started the last cambio of my mission now. its a pretty wierd feeling.
well nothing really interesting happened this week. it rained actually for like 3 days which made a lot of things miserable. and like halfway thru the week we were trying to find baptismal clothes for the baptism. so we talked to this one member who told us that he was the ward mission leader before, and that he had some white baptism pants. so we went and got them from him. and it turned out to be 3 big bags of white pants. and we pulled them all out and it was like 60 pants. we have no idea where he got them from, but now we dont know what to do with them all.
its finally starting to get really hot. BUT it stilll rained this week :P but i think that was the end of the rain for this year here.
thats pretty much all that happened here.

thanks for the letters
i miss and love you all
see you in 5 weeks
-Elder Jared Philpott

OK, so I asked Jared since he was coming home soon, what would he miss most about being in the mission feild.....and this was his reply:

ok well im not sure what ill miss most about my mission till im actually home. but im gonna guess that it will be knowing tons of people and just having everyone love me. especially in chile haha cuz having blonde hair here makes you instantly like a rockstar in the streets. but back home ill just be a normal guy.

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