Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This week was pretty lame actually. mostly because none of our investigators came to church :P that always makes us feel like we failed, but theres always next week. So we`ll just try even harder.
this week we had a plesant surprise for thanksgiving. one of the sisters in the ward told us to come over to her house on thursday. so we went not knowing what she wanted, and when we came in we saw that she had a table with food set up for us and her family. it was a really nice thing for them to do for us. they also gave us little leather bags to keep change in that everyone uses here.
Then later in the week i was looking for my suitcase to get something out of it, so i went under the staircase to get it and i saw a box there with a colapsable christmas tree in it, so i pulled it out and we set it up in the downstairs part of the apartment. the only thing is that the only ornament it has is just a silver paper star on the top haha so it looks kind of sad lol but its better than nothing haha. ill try to get a picture of it to you next week.
Hrad to believe i only have 3 weeks left. the ward here is already planning my farewell. and today i just recieved a copy of my travel plans. ill send those to you too.

anyways thanks for the letters
i miss and love you all and will see you in just 21 days!!
Elder Jared Philpott


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