Monday, October 29, 2012



Things this week were pretty darn good. we were able to do a lot better at teaching people and finding people. and to top it all off we had a baptism!!! the 16 year old named eduardo that weve been teaching for a little while finally got baptized :) he was nervous. but God did his part to help him. the night before his baptism he couldnt sleep and was having nightmares n stuff, so he decided to open the Book of Mormon and read from it. so he opened to a random page and he read a verse where the Lord is talking to poeple that were captured and enslaved, and he says something like "be comforted because tomorrow i the Lord will free you from captivity" and he read that and said he just fell right asleep. so that was cool to see. but he did scare us, cuz like a half hour before his baptism at 5, we went to his house to go get him, but his mom came out and said "he`s not here. he went down to his aunts house near the plaza" and he doesnt have a cell phone so we couldnt call him so we started thinking maybe he got too nervous and decided not to do it. mostly cuz that same thing had happened to elder Ford before in a nother sector, so he was like "oh no!! not again!!" lol so we went back to the church and waited for him to show up. meanwhile all the members started arriving and were asking where he was. but he finally arrived at 5:17 much to our reliefe. and the baptism went smoothly after that. and I did the confermation sunday. he said he felt great. we did too. elder ford hadnt had a baptism for like 6 months too, so he was really happy.
this week the grandpa of the familia Oportu died. he was a recent convert to the church of about 2 years and had just recently recieved the melquizedec priesthood. and always had us or someone come over on sundays to give him the sacrament. he had been sick for awhile. but all the family was pretty shook up by it. and he had said he wanted the viewing to be held in our church. which was pretty problematic for the rest of his family that are almost all protestants, but most of them came, with the exception of 2. and at the viewing our branch president spoke, then our mission president, then the stake president. it was a very spiritual meeting and i think all the people there were impressed and unerstood alot more about the plan of salvation afterwards haha
other than that, everything is going good. its starting to get hot here now and im getting a bit sunburnt :p but im enjoying all the sun i can get haha today were going to Valle hermoso again to visit some members and converts of mine. it should be fun.
Love and miss you all,
Until December,
Elder Jared Philpott

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