Monday, October 1, 2012


Things are good here in chile. just heard this morning the cambios. turns out, my companion got transferred to curico, and im staying here. and Elder Ford is coming to replace him. MY FIRST GRINGO COMPANION THIS YEAR haha it will be wierd to to talk in english with him. but itll be good to get used to talking in english again before im on the airplane back to the united states.
other than that nothing new has been happening here. the good news is tht this week was much better numbers wise. and we now have someone that is progressing and could be baptised this month. so i excited for that. itll be the first baptism here in quite a few months. the ward here is nice though. actually its a branch. but its big enough to be a ward already. the members here are cool though.
today i went to my old sector in valle hermoso to visit some converts and members there. they gave us a nice lunch and we sat around laughing and talking about stuff and people. it was really nice seeing them all again. they all say i look skinnier than when i left here, but i dont see it.
sorry the letter is soo short. but my companion has to pack and say goodbye to people. so we gotta go now :P
but thanks for the letters. i enjoyed reading all of them. and will see you all in a couple months anyways :)
until then
Elder Jared Philpott


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