Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This week was alright. nothing too special. the only interesting things that happened have to do with animals haha. first my comp anion almost got rammed by a giant goat. lol our investigator that is close to being baptised has 3 goats that run around his property. and we saw the first 2 go running by really fast so my comp followed a little bit to see them and didnt see the 3rd one that was coming from behind running fast, he barely saw it in time to jump out of the way lol i was laughing pretty hard actually.
the other one was when we were hungry so we both bought these little pizzas and were eating while we were walking. then i noticed that a gate thats not usually open was open, and the dog that was usually inside barking at us, was outside and saw our pizzas and started following us and like jumping up and trying to bite our pizzas, so i just started walking a little faster and put the pizza up to my mouth to eat it and the dog just jumped at my face to bite it but i just barely dogged it, and luckily didnt get my face eaten lol
other than that i really cant think of anything interesting that happened.... its still cold. i wish it would warm up already. last night we played cards and ended up playing indian poker and betting little chilean candies for money. then we went to bed and i accidentally unplugged the bad warmer the peruvian missionary uses, and he was all mad at me this morning cuz he said he "died of the cold" lol so i plugged it back in and let him sleep in a bit.

but anyways. thats boutr allthats going on here.. thanks for the letters!
cant wait to see you all in a couple of months! :)
till then
Elder Jared Philpott


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