Monday, October 22, 2012


Things are going good here. We had a few people in church this week. 2 of them were people we just met this week. which is actually a pretty neat story. So it was like 9:45 at night and we have to be in the house at 10, and our appointments had fallen through, so we decided to do some contacts, but its kind of hard that late at night, and after a while of no one letting us in, we decided to just go back to the house, but after we said that we both got the strong impression that we should contact one more door. and there were a couple infront of us and i was like lets contact this one on the left but then i just felt strongly and clearly that i should contact the one beside it. so i was like "um nevermind, how bout this one instead." so we go and knock on the door and a woman in her 30s answered the door and we introduced ourselves and she just let us right in so we talked a little bit about the restoration, and told her to read the pamphlet and pray about it then said a prayer with her and got out. then we came back a couple days later at night again, and we got to know her some more and found out that she was having a hard time choosing whether or not to get a divorce from her alchoholic husband and started crying telling us about what was going on in her life, and that a couple of nights ago she had a bad day and had just got done praying to God for some help and guidance when she heard a knock on the door and found us 2 missionaries there. So that was a really cool feeling knowing that we were the answer to someones prayers and that we were actually where God wanted us to be at that exact moment.
so that was pretty much the highlight of my week. the only other thing that happened was when we were going to go on a mini cambio to a place called Coleumu and ended up getting on a bus that goes to a place called Coliumo so when it started going the wrong way we wondered what was up, but neither of us had been there before so we just sat on the bus the whole time then called them later cuz we didnt recognize anything. they told us we were on the wrong bus so we just rode it back to Tome... it was really dumb.
but life is going good here. i cant believe theres only 8 weeks left here in Chile.

thanks for the letters :) i miss and love you all
until december
Elder Jared Philpott


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