Sunday, October 14, 2012


This week was good. a lot of work, but good. first off. i have a new companion! Elder Ford from Utah. hes a really funny guy. we have a lot of things in common and have almost the exact same sense of humor. so theres never a dull moment. and hes a really hard worker, so we get a lot done too.
this week we went to teach one of our investigators that we met by doing service. we were clearing out weeds behind an old ladys house, which is like right behind where he lives. so we were talking to him one day and he really wasnt showing any interest and just wanted to talk about stuff. then he tells us, "um yeah you guys should just leave the plants back there how they are.." and were like "i dont know. i think the lady wants us to finnish it all"
"no. you really should just leave it..."
"whys that?"
then he points at this one plant in a pot he had growing in his kitchen and was like
"well lets just say if the cops find me with this plant ill go to jail, and i have a few more of them growing back there..."
so needless to say, we're not visiting him much now.. haha
General Conference went good our investigator Eduardo went to both sunday sessions by himself. he really liked it and loves learning about church doctrine. so we should be seeing his baptism here soon.
after the frist session sunday a family invited us over for pizza. well, chilean pizza.. haha but it was good and brought some back for some of the other gringos in the gringo room watching it in english. the lame part was that the satelite kept going out all the time so we couldnt see or hear anything for like 3 minutes at a time.
but i still learned a ton from all the talks. the talk that Elder Holland gave is almost exactly the same talk he gave when he came to the MTC to talk to us. i think its good that he gave that message to the whole world. it was just as powerfull if not more, two years ago. especially being in the mission.
Thanks for the letters everyone.
Elder Jared Philpott


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