Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Well things here have been alright. this week was pretty hard actually. we didnt get many lessons taught. it seems like this sector is a lot harder than my last one. they say theres no such thing as a hard sector, and i believed it up until now. we cant seem to get into any houses. or get anyone to church. when i got here there were absolutely NO investigators and we had to start from zero. and when no one comes to church the zone leaders and my district leader all start breathing down my neck and ask me why or what we could improve on and its really just a matter of time. so its kind of dumb but i think this week we finally found some good people that might be able to come to church.
   other than that this week has been pretty average. on monday night walking home i noticed something strange in the sky and looked up and saw this giant perfect circle of clouds around the moon. there were clouds all around but not one in the circle. it was really wierd, but i was asking people, and i guess it happens somewhat often here. and its kind of a prediction of tremors. and it was right cuz that night there was a 5.4 tremor. or thats what they told me the next day. i slept right through it haha actually its been awhile since ive woken up from a tremor haha i just feel so dead tired here at night i guess.
last night me n Elder Alburqueque (Peru) played ping pong on the floor with a yoyo string for a net, and it went well for a little bit, but in the end it just turned into a game of seeing who could hit eachother harder with the ping pong ball haha
oh and good news, theres a member here who has an electric guitar and wants me to teach her, so whenever we have lunch with their family i take advantage of the time and play a little bit haha. first time ive seen an electric guitar here in chile haha 
so thats about all thats been going on here. yesterday it was a nice sunny day for church, but at like 5 in the evening this wind came all the sudden and made it cold and rained. it seriously blew in so fast. it was wierd.
I'll see you in December!
Elder Jared Philpott

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