Saturday, September 22, 2012


thanks for the letters everyone. sorry i dont have much time to write ya all, so i have to do it all in one. but it sounds like you guys are doing well and dont worry, we'll be able to talk all we want in a couple of months haha.

things have been going alright here. the theme of this week was service. we had a ton of service projects in the week. and i got a bit sunburnt. but it went well. but i couldnt help feeling like we were wasting time doing all this service work when we could be out finding people. but then one day we had service behind this old ladys house, and there was a house there that was recently built with a young family living there, and they saw us doing service and came out and gave us some juice to drink and accepted a visit from us another day. And they`re cool people too. the mom is pregnant, and also has a two year old, so her younger sister comes over to help her with stuff. we havent met the husband yet, but they told us that they just recently stopped going to their protestant church because of something they didnt like, and were looking for a new church. needless to say, the lord had been planning this for awhile.
other than that it6 was a pretty normal week. kind of lame because no one came to church. they all had the excuse of the Dieziocho celebration. which is like chiles 4th of july, but they celebrate it a lot bigger than we do. and always have family come over and stay with them for the 3 day holiday. so that made it pretty hard for us to get anyone to church. and the mission president change our Pday to tuesday just because we arent going to be able to work on that day because of all the fiestas. and our branch is going to have a big activity tomorrow, so were just going to go to that. they also tell us to be careful at night cuz pretty much everyone is drunk by that time. so it will be fun experience.

again thanks for the letters. it took me awhile to read em all, but it made me feel at home for a little bit :)
i sure miss and love you all. ill see you in december.
until then love
Elder Jared Philpott


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