Saturday, September 22, 2012


This week was a bit better than last week. it was still hard to teach lessons and find people but we ended up having one person in church. and that was pure blessing from God, cuz we hadnt even planned on seeing him in church. we had to other families ready to come but at the last minute something came up for both of them and niether of them went. so we were feeling really down and just sitting there in sacrament thinkin "crap the zone leaders are gonna talk our ears off about not having investigators in church again..." and wondering how God could let this happen after working so hard to get people to church. and right then, in walks emilio an old investigator thats 17 years old who just "felt like coming" it was a humbling experience.
but this week i was also very sick wednesday. it started out as just a cold on tuesday. but then on wednesday i had a nasty cough and body aches and could not breath. like serioiusly gasping for air sometimes. so we went to chile's free urgent healthcare next door, got in, stood in a line for half an hour to sign in, then sat down with about 30 other people waiting, and the doctors would come out every 15 minutes and call in like 4 people at a time. long story short we got there at 5 and left when it was almost 9. they told me i had bronchitus and gave me some pills and an inhaler. its been working pretty good. its almosy gone but i still have a nasty cough.
other than that we`ve been goofing around in the appartment. this one family gave us a scary mask. not sure why, but i took advantage of the situation and put it over a jar and set it in the microwave to scare the next person that opened it. the next person to open it was E`Ojeda, in the morning, making his breakfast, he had some eggs ready to fry all mixed up, and when he opened the microwave he yelled and spilled the eggs all over the kitchen! :D we were all in the next room, and i started dying laughing. he didnt say much and i just helped him clean up the eggs lol
and elder Alburqueque bought a dart board, so we`ve been having competions with that. but when that got boring we decided to strap an orange to it and just throw darts at the orange lol

but yeah thats baisically all thats new around here.
i cant wait to see you all again in december.
until then
Elder Jared Philpott


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