Monday, December 3, 2012


Sorry i dont have much time right now, so i will have to write all of you together. But just so you know, i am doing just fine, just a little sick right now but it should go away soon.
but thank you all for writing me. i dont have much time right now, cuz im in valle hermoso saying goodbye to a bunch of people here. its soo crazy that this is my second to last P-day! these 2 years have gone by way too fast. its been sad talking to members and converts here that im close too. but its also something really beautiful that could have only happened from going on the mission. its been soo fun, and yet sooo soo hard. all of the things that have happened have served for my learning. i am eternally grateful for the experience and the privilage.
this week was kind of hard. we had an investigator come to church but he felt uncompfortable and left before the meeting started. so we were pretty down because of that. but we are still seeing progress from people. im going to be working till the day i leave. there is still a possibility that we could baptize someone before i leave, so we`re trying.
funny things that happened, i cant remember too many. but one thing im not going to miss that much is this crappy house we live in here haha the light switch in the bathroom went bad, so we have to lean a broo, up against it to turn it off. the bunk bed broke before i got here so i sleep on a matress on the floor, but its still compfortable haha Elder Fords shoe broke. the shoes he has had for almost a year and a half. so he was bummed, but hes going to get it fixed still. my shoes have big holes in the bottom too which makes my sock get all dirty if i dont put a pad in it from another shoe. i thijnk ill keep them as a memory haha
i have soo many memories here that i never want to forget.
but i am axious to see all of you in about 14 days.
i miss and love you all
until then love
Elder Jared Philpott


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