Monday, December 10, 2012

12.10.12 Last letter from the Mission Field

This week went well. last week i went and said goodbye to people i knew in valle hermoso. it was hard to say goodbye to a lot of them.
this week we actually got a couple people in church this sunday. which made it a good week. and made it possible for one of our investigators to get baptised this sunday!! so that would be a great going away gift for me :)
Elder Ford is pretty sad that i am leaving. hes like "What am i gonna do when your gone????" but he`ll be fine haha.
it is unbelievable that this is the last letter i will be writing to you. yesterday i had to give a talk in church. i decided to talk about sacrifice. and talked about Jesus Christ and his sacrifice and how i was so thankful to have been able to participate a tiny bit in his mission to save all of mankind and feel a bit of the pain he felt. the things i have learned on my mission are invaluable. it has been extremely difficult sometimes. enough to make me want to just give up and go home. but at other times i have had the most spiritual experiences. i have come so much closer to God. i understand more about who he is, how he works, what he wants me to do, and most importantly how much he really loves me and has everything planned out for me to succeed if i will only do my part and stay faithful.
I really cant believe its over. all the preparation i have had since primary, come and gone. but it was deffinitly worth every second of it. I think my favorite thing about the mission was seeing the difference i was really able to help make in some peoples lives. the other favorite thing i have from the mission was learning. i have learned SOO much in my studies. deep doctrine about who God is, how things are in the church, how they were and what will happen in the future. and after all of that study and putting it in practice i can say with out any doubt in my mind that i know that this is the true church of God here on the earth in these latter days. I know that he exists. and is just waiting for us on the other side of the veil. i only hope that i will feel worthy to be in his presence and that he will be pleased with me and who i have become after this life here on earth.
So I guess I will see all of you in a week.
Until then,
Love, Elder Jared Philpott


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