Wednesday, April 25, 2012


chile is just fine. starting to get a little chile now actualyy :D ha ha get it? chile?? ha ha... ha...ok.
something really funny happened the other night actually :) my comp would be mad at me for telling the story, but i dont wanna ever forget it lol :D ok so he´s been having some stomach problems lately and has been in the bathroom quite a bit. and it actually gets kind of annoying actually cuz he has this wierd habbit of taking a shower anytime after he takes a dump lol so im always the one who has to go outside and turn on the gas water heater or "calefont" and so one night we were just in a house of a recent convert to the church who lives kind of far away from our house, so we took a taxi to get there. and so we got done teaching and started the long walk home, and about 3/4s of the way home my comp is just like "oh gosh." "we gotta hurry! lets get a taxi!" but it was almost the end of the month, so neither of us had much money. he didnt have any actually and was bumming me for money the whole week actually lol and so he trys to tell me to get a taxi to go home faster, but i only had just enough to go to the district class in Chillan the next week, so we couldnt get a taxi,so we just start walking faster down the sidewalk and he´s yelling "oh gosh i cant hold it!" and "go faster!" and other stuff, so im dying laughing, and then we´re finally like 2 blocks from the house in the town plaza, and i look back i see him stopped with a wierd expression on his face and he´s like "eww i just crapped myself" :D so now im dying laughing even more, and he´s just waddling with this disgusted expression on his face like "aww it feels gross!" "i told you we needed a taxi!" "how embarrassing" lol so we got to the house and he jumped straight into the bathroom and yelled for me to turn on the calefont for him lol it was pretty much the funniest thing ever.
      the only other things that have happened was that we had a food cooking competition in the church. and it went really well, and we had like 11 people come that arent members the 4 judges were investigators of ours. one of them has a baptismal date for this saturday. so we´re working towards that right now.
      the other thing was last night when my comp and E´Paz decided to have a flour fight downstairs in our house, but we didnt have much flor, so it turned into a "throw whatever you find on the other person fight" there ended up being powder ALLLL over the floor and a little on the walls and salsa in the bathroom... we made E´Lopez clean the bathroom up. and me n the other 2 elders cleaned the other stuff. i only got hit by some salsa and a littleflour. my comp and E¨Paz got covered in flour. and i poured water all over him to finish it lol but its all cleaned up now haha
thats pretty much all thats happened here lately. 
Love and miss you all!
Elder Jared Philpott

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