Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This week was pretty crazy actually. first off, monday night we had a family home evening in the house of a member,
we cooked these things called popusas that my companion knows how to make that are from el salvador
they were pretty good. then we shared a little message, then we played a game with flour involved where you make
a little sand castle like thing out of flour, and then you take turns witha knife cutting sections off without making it fall,
and the person that makes it fall has to find the piece of candy in it without using your hands. So we did that and then 
the looser had to dig his face in the flour, and when he did that, my comp took the flour and started throwing it on everyone
so we all went outside and had a big flour fight and got flour all over the place. but then we all stayed to help clean up. so it ended well, but it was a huge mess lol and we thought that the famiy would never let us do a family home evening in their house again.
   Then this thursday the stake sent each of us a mini-missionary for the weekend. it was a big tri stake activity here. and
we got people from penco.They slept in the house of a member, but we went and got them every morning and went out to work with them.
my comps name was hermano llanos (ya-nos) hes only 16 but he was cool, and we got a lot of stuff done while he was here, but we had to walk a ton, so he had sore feet and legs at the end when they had to go home sunday. But they all said they had a good time.
and it was pretty memorable. especially because of what happened to elder Lopez.. 
so it was right after we ate lunch. all eight of us went back to the house to get ready to go out and work, so me n elder paz are in one of the study rooms upstairs with sliding glass doors that lead out to a balcony, and one of the mini missionaries comes running in and was like "where are elder lopez`s ties??" and he saw theem hanging on the wall and took them all and stuffed them in his backpack and was like elder lopez too k my coat and hid it, so im gonna hide his ties. and me n elder paz were like "um thats not a good idea, he gets pretty crazy about his ties" but he took them and went into the next room beside us and we hear elder lopez come up the stairs and walk into the room and start horsing around, and then all the sudden we hear a loud crash and see glass go flying out on the balcony, so we both ran into the other room and see elder lopez standing theere with hermano saavedra with his hands on E`Lopez`s forehead and blood running down his face and some on his arms too, so we got some toilet paper and cleaned him up. He had walked through a big glass door and only had a few cuts on his forehead, one of them deep. and a few cuts on his forearm too. so we got him to the hospital, and they got him all bandaged up, and gave him 2 stitches on his forehead with a big bandage. so now everyone is asking him "what happened??" and he`s just like i walked through a glass door that i thought was open.
so thats pretty much the story of the week haha but it looks like the mission will pay for the window. so i guess its all good. and it could have been a whole lt worse than it was. but the lord protects his servants.
Thanks for everything. I love and miss you all and I hope you had a great Easter!
Elder Jared Philpott

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