Wednesday, April 4, 2012


well things are good here i chile. not much out of the normal. General Conference was good. and we had a lot of investigators come too. altogether we had 6 people in church with us, and 3 of them are getting pretty cose to baptism. and they all liked it a lot.
I liked it a lot too. Saturday i got to watch it in english cuz we went to the stake center and there was a room for gringos. but sunday we stayed here in San Carlos and i had to watch it in spanish. its a littlle harder to follow, but towards the end i didnt hardly notice it was in spanish. The Apostols and the Prophet gave perfect talks for our investigators too. they answered all their questions.
Other than that. this week was pretty normal. things were a bit better with my comp this week. we´re finally learning how to work together a little bit. 
he´s been sick this week still too. but just with stomach problems that dont let him sleep at night sometimes. 
Oh and this week my comp has had a fasination with playing with the neighbors cat. and one day he brought it in the house and let it go in the other missionaries study room so when they came in to plan at night they would find it lol and when they came home and found it they got all ticked off at my comp lol so we all got together and locked him outside on the balcony with the cat and thru a blanket to him so he wouldnt get cold.  but he got all mad and threw the blanket on the roof of the neighbors house, so we let him back in and made him go ask for it the next morning lol
The weather is still the same. freezing cold in the mornings and hot during the day :P
but its slowly starting to get colder which im looking forward to.
I love and miss you all!
Elder Jared Philpott

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