Monday, March 26, 2012


Life is good here. the work is going alright. we only had one person in church this sunday :/ and few lessons. but this week should be better. the only problem is me n my comp are having some problems getting along. He says he doesnt want to be my companion anymore, and has been talking seriously about plans to go home early. im trying to convince him to stay at least one more cambio and its working for the most part. but he gets sad easily when we dont have success and feels like going home all over again :P i guess his family is thinking about moving to another country for work, so he´s really worried about that, and a bunch of other stuff back home. so whenever something goes wrong here he gets mad and blames me, so its kinda hard right now. but im learning alot about forgiveness, patience, and most importantly attitude. remembering that "life is only 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it" 
other than that, the only other things that happened this week are that i had to do a whole bunch of stupid stuff and run around to a bunch of different buildings to figure out how to get my 2nd visa so they dont export me from the country or make me pay a fine or something. so that was a huge headache, and made my comp even more mad that we had to keep trveling back n forth from san Carlos to Chillan to do all the peperwork :P but i got it now, so im legal now. 
The other thing was last night at like 6 there was a huge tremor here. it was centered it Talca a few cities north, but we felt it really strong here. the united states said it was 7.2 but here in chile they said it was only 6.4 lol they always make it lower here. but it was crazy. we were sitting in an investigators house, and we see the curtains start swaying back n forth and feel the earth start moving and the house creaking so we opened the door and looked outside and could see the trees and powerline moving a lot. and it lasted for a good while. and the grandma that lived there started freaking out cuz it reminded her of the earthquake. but then it stopped shaking and life went back to normal. haha but other than that not much has happened. my comp has been sick this week. im feeling much better and just have a stuffed up nose now. 
Oh yeah i also bought a guitar for my birthday lol but this time its a decent one with steel strings and it was pretty cheap, but it plays well.  haha ill try to send a pic sometime.
Elder Philpott

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