Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Ive been good. Things have been kind of difficult numbers wise cuz no one goes to church, so the zone leaders are on my back, but looks like i wont have to worry much about that this week. cuz i just heard cambios this morning, and im getting transferred to a place called San Carlos near the city of Chillan(chi-yan) so today im gonna be saying goodbye to a bunch of people. And not gonna lie, it´ll be pretty hard. but thats how life in the mission is.. :/ speaking of life in the mission. our gas ran out this week on thursday. and with cambios coming up no one wanted to buy more, so we were taking cold showers all this week pretty much haha its a nice way to wake up in the morning :P Oh and this week, we also had a baptism!!  i baptised Nacho, the little brother of joselyn yesterday after church :) pretty good way to finnish a cambio i guess :) they´re a really cool family. but their mom still has a pretty hard heart and doesnt want to accept that this is the true church, even tho she has has many experiences and testimonies saying that it is. with time i guess. Its been pretty fun in this sector tho. Theres been a lot of drama and problems too, but for the most part it was a great experience. i got to see a lot of cool things. In the church building here there are these marks alongside the steps going up to the chapel from this one member that died not too long ago that was really old and would arrive every sunday before the meeting started, even tho he had to use his crutches and could barely walk, and the marks on the wall were from where he would support himself with his crutches on the way up the stairs. Pretty motivational story for me. But yeah lifes still good. i think im getting ANOTHER latin comp. that makes like 3 or 4 now haha. but im not gonna be a district leader anymore there. So thats a little relief.. haha but all in all life is good.

thanks for the letter and all you prayers. they are all much appriciated :)
i miss and love you all.
Love Elder Philpott

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