Monday, March 26, 2012


Life is till good. not much happening. yesterday we had stake conference. there were a lot of people there, so the room got real warm, despite the fans on full blast and the windows open :P and i was feeling sick all day so that didnt help much either. yesterday in the evening i went to the doctors to see what they could give me cuz i was feeling a fever, body aches, stuffy nose and a pounding headache :P usually i just force myself thru the sickness and work anyways, but this time i had to stay in bed :P So we went to he doctors and they said i didnt have a fever. which was a big relief cuz if they have to give you a shot here in chile they give it to you in the butt cheek! lol so i was happy to avoid that experience lol they just gave me some pills to take haha 
BUT i actually did get a shot this week. we had a big conference for the missionaries and they just randomly told us all to pull up our sleeves and go to this room and stand in line, so we did it. and theres this crazy old doctor that probly served in world war 2 and was giving injections to all the missionaries, and he didnt put it in lightly or make it look painless, he was like jamming the needle into everyone trying to scare them i think lol but you really didnt feel anything. but it sure looked scary how he was doing it lol
not much else has happened recently. i heard a funnny story from an investigator. we were talking about lions cuz i told them i worked at a zoo before the mission, and they were like "yeah every once in awhile the circus comes by here with their lions, and ya know the dogs you always see walking around in the streets here?? well you dont see them when  the circus is here, cuz they feed all the stray dogs to the lions" lol didnt surprise me at all. i ve been in chile too long to be surprised by something like that lol
But life is still good. fall is coming up, so im excited to not be baked by the sun all day long. and when next summer comes i´ll be on a plane home, so CHOW CALOR!
See you all in 8 months and something days!
Love, Elder Philpott

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