Monday, February 27, 2012


Chile is chile. not much has changed. but my bet is that i´ll be transferred this cambio. butttt we´ll see. things have been pretty much the same. Sunday was rough cuz we didnt have people in church :P but we´re finding some good people to work with. The only thing worth writing about was this one day when we called the people that were going to give us lunch but they forgot we had lunch with them and asked if they could change for the people that had it for the next day. And just so she didnt feel bad i said yeah sure. but then i realized that we didnt have the phone number of the sister that we had lunch with the next day. so then on the next day were trying to plan what to do, and tried calling one of the 2 to cancel, but neither of them were answering their phones, so my comp comes up with the brilliant idea of going to eat at both places so that we dont have to cancel either of them. not sure why, but i went along with it. so we went early to the first lunch, and she made empanadas but wasnt in the room most of the time, and so in order to save space for the second lunch we started putting empanadas in my comps backpack. and then she gave us a salad and desert too. so we went outof that hous pretty much stuffed. and then ran over to the next house. we got in and she had a salad too! so we ate the salad with still a little bit of room left. and then she gives us a soup with noodles that we ate and got filled up on cuz we thot that was all she was gonna give us, but then she comes out of the kitchen with a whole nother plate of rice and chicken and hot dog! we just starred and we like "ahhh crap" and started eating but only made it a little over half way thru and THEN she comes out with the desert!! ... im never listening to another one of my comps plans ever again.... lol
Love and miss you all,
Elder Jared Philpott

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