Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Chile is good. we just got back from a zone activity. we played
paintball in this cool place thats a bunch of abandoned buildings. i
lit some people up, and our team won everytime ;) haha
not much else has happened this week. i've had to pay for everything
this month tho, cuz my comp thot it would be a good idea to waste all
his money for the month on books :P soooo we're baisically gonna
starve this month lol
and yesterday we had a baptism! Duh duh da duh!!!! :) and it went
great. her whole family came. and her mom that doesnt really want to
join the church was crying and said it was really beautiful. so we'll
see if that softened her heart any.
her little sister and brother are also starting to get excited about
the church. and hte youngest sister is sharing withh the jehovas
wittnesses too, so its kind of a delicate situation, but she seems to
be leaning towards us more lately.
oh and apparently i need to change my wardrobe on Pdays, cuz gym
shorts and nike shoes are Flaite(pronounced:fly-tay) which is like
gangsta in english lol so that was pretty funny. other than that not
much happened this week. but the works going on.
but yeah thats about all there is to report here..

Thanks for the letter, i miss and love you all
-Elder Philpott

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