Sunday, February 26, 2012


Not much happening actually. This week was kinda slow, and our numbers were low, so the zone leadres were all on my back too :P but this week should be better tho.
my comps package that he spent all his money on this month finally came haha so now we have a bunch of church videos and gospel study books, buttttt no money :p lol luckily i have some more money in my account, so i think we´ll be good, but my comps been outta food for awhile now haha he just lives from lunch to lunch and steals some of my food lol but he survives haha the members actually say he´s looking fatter and im looking skinnier! lol so idk how that works haha but whatever.
Oh and on friday this week. it rained like crazy, and we both got soaked. my comp more than me tho cuz i had an umbrella lol he just had a rain coat. and his books in his backpack got wet too, so we went back to the house and dried them out with a heater lol but all the other days its stll really hot and dusty. but the works going on. and we´re finding great new people everyday.

thanks for the letter. i miss all you guys too
Elder Jared Philpott

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