Saturday, February 11, 2012


Chiles good. still really hot. actually speaking of hot, there was a
forest fire in my sector. up on a hill above some houses, but the
firemen (bomberos) came n took care of it. but it was really big. ill
send pix next week.
not too much else happened this week. One day we went down to the city
part of Penco to do a day long comp exchange, so we got on the bus
that goes there, but also goes past it to concepcion. and my comp paid
for us but he didnt tell the driver that it was only to penco so he
didnt get any change back. and then when we get there to penco we got
off, and i looked around and realized that my comp wasnt there and had
gone back up to the driver to get his change. and then the door closes
and the bus zooms off, so i start following it and see my comp get off
like 6 blocks away lol it was pretty funnny. he said he told me to
wait, but i didnt hear him lol
then one day we were doing contacts and this dog comes out and starts
barking from behind the fence and trying to bite our shoes n stuff, so
i pull out my mission planner to smack it in the nose to make it mad,
and the dog bit my planner and pulled it inside the fence. So we ended
up having to have my comp go and distract it on the other side and i
reached my arm in to get it back, but didnt reach so i got a stick and
we finally got it lol so yeah maybe not the best move on my part, but
it was pretty funnny.
this sunday Joselyn is getting baptised. her brother decided he didnt
wanna to share with us anymore, but i think well be able to get him
back soon anyways he just needs to do a little more reading of the
thanks for the letter i love and miss you all :)
Elder Jared Philpott

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