Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Chile´s good. its still super hot here, and im getting really jelous
of all the people that have pools in their yards that can swim
whenever they want lol :P the works good. we went over the baptismal
question with Joselyn and shes feeling excited for her baptism :) on
the 12th of february. her brother nacho is on vacation in Viña del Mar
so he couldnt come to church sunday, just his sister and her cousin.
but she loves it and her and her family(mom too) are going to a family
home evening with us tonight at this crazy members house. it should be
pretty interesting lol
We´ve been having a lot of pulgas lately in the house, and they like
to eat me at night :P and ants have invaded the bathroom lol but were
still good haha were never in the house hardly anyways.
My comp is driving me a little crazy, but just cuz whenever we´re in
the house he plays a song on the little cd player we have. but not
just once. he listens to it like 5 billion times in a row. until i
just get up and turn it off lol
But the other 2 missionaries living with us are cool. they play
guitar, so we have jam sessions whenever we have a little spare time
but other than that not much has happened out of the normal. were
finding some good people, but theyre lazy and dont come to church :P
so we´re working on that. but other than that life is good here in the
big bowl of chile.
I love and miss you all!
Love, Elder Philpott

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