Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Chile is good. not much happened this week actually... it was kind
of a bummer actually :P cuz saturday we visited like 9 different
people that all promised us they were going to go tomorrow to church
but when we passed by there house in the morning they were all
sleeping or leaving or had some other sappy excuse, so we ended up not
having anyone in church :/ we did find an awesome family this week
tho, of a single mom and her 18 and 12 year old daughters and 13 and 8
year old sons. theyare all so fun and love when we come over. the mom
isnt all that interested in listening, but the rest of the kids are
into it and want to go to church. we're going to go to their house
tonight and watch the Restoration video with them. Hopefully they will
feel that its true. but thats about all the interesting stuff thats
going on here in the big bowl of chile.

thanks for the letter, sorry mine is soo short :/ but we gotta leave
soon. and its looking like its gonna rain today too :/
i miss and love you all and will see you in 11 months :)

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