Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Ok. so its kind of a long story, but baisically i have to go right now, and couldnt get online earlier
so im just gonna tell yall how my week went right now and see if i can get on later in the week..
I really have to go soon, but heres how my week went anyways...
So we´re still working with that one family i told you about. but only Joselyn and Nacho have come to
church :P but they really like it. and earlier this week, we were over there teaching them, and we noticed
that she had a nose ring, she said she just recently had it put in, but wasnt sure if she liked it. So she asked us what
we thought, or if it would draw attention to her when she went to church. so we told her it was definitly against the guidlines
of the church and that it might make her a little uncomfortable in church. So then she just decided that she needed to
take it out. but the thing is that its curved on the bottom so youd have to cut it to get it out. So i pulled out my leatherman
tool and asked her if she was serious. she said yes, so we tried getting it out, but then shes like wait it really hurts now.
and then she went up stairs to the bathroom and 5 minutes later was like "hey i got it!.... but its bleeding a lot.." lol but
then it stopped, and she was happy that it was out lol and felt a lot more comfortable at church when she went :) haha but
it was a pretty crazy lesson lol but we also had anopther funny lesson. we werre teaching this one guy that a fireman,
and were just barely through the lesson, and all the sudden his radio goes off telling him theres a fire near by, so he´s like
"umm yeah sounds great, i gotta go." and then got up and ran outside just leaving us there alone inb his house lol
so we just closed the door and went to the next appointment lol other than that not much happened. we are having 2 more
 elders move in with us tomorrow. so that will make the house a whole lot smaller :P but it should be fun :)
Ok i gotta go now, but im safe and the work is going good.
i miss and love you all
Elder Philpott

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