Monday, January 16, 2012


Ummm i really dont have too much to talk about this week. The only
thing that really made this week good was that Joselyn(18) and her
brother Nacho(15) come to church. they both liked it a lot. but
especially nacho. his real names ignacio, but everyone calls him nacho
lol and hes super ready to hear the gospel. his mom is protestant, but
he never goes with her cuz he says it bores him, but he prays every
night, and told us he wanted a religeon thats a little more "real" and
not just singing and clapping ur hands haha and when we heard him pray
once. we were just like "wow this kid is gonna be an apostle some day"
so were gonna be working with them these next few weeks. other than
that, this week was just a bunch of work haha imagine that. My shoes
are getting big holes in the bottom. i cant wear em in the rain now,
so i just use these boots i found in the house here haha. one morning
i was taking a shower and found out that we had an intruder.   i found
a huge snail crawling up the wall lol so i named it gary of course. i
almost got bit by a dog. but luckily it was an old one that couldnt
move very fast so i was able to get my knee out of his mouth before he
clampped down lol Oh yeah and yesterday we almost got lost in the
woods hahaha not really, but we went pretty deep lol it was because we
were in this one part of our sector where theres two huge hills, and
we had to go from the top of one to the other, but the only way to do
that is going down into the valley and back up the other one, so we
decided to save ourselves a little trouble and went higher on the hill
into the woods above all the houses and found a little trail and took
it, and ended up walking in the woods for like a half hour and finding
all these places that came out on the side od the hill and had like
couches and little shack things lol but we eventually found our way
down and ended up in the back yard of the house we were looking for
hahah so it was all good.
I love and miss you all!
Elder Philpott

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